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, & Simon>Alright you chipmunks, prepared to sing your song?I'd say us areYeah, let's song it nowOkay, Simon?OKOkay, Theodore?OKOkay Alvin? Alvin? Alvin?!Okay!Christmas, Christmas time is nearTime for toys and time for cheerWe've to be good, yet we can't lastHurry Christmas, rush fastWant a plane that loops the loopMe, I desire a hula-hoopWe can hardly was standing the waitPlease, Christmas, don't it is in late, & Simon>Ok, fellas, acquire readyThat was an extremely good, SimonNaturally!Very good, TheodoreHahahahaUh Alvin, you were a tiny flatWatch it, Alvin—Alvin? Alvin?!Okay!
Want a plane that loops the loopI still want a hula-hoopWe have the right to hardly stand the waitPlease, Christmas, don't be lateWe can hardly was standing the waitPlease, Christmas, don't be late, & Simon>Very good, boysLet's sing it againYeah, let's song it againNo, that's enough, let's no overdo itWhat perform you mean overdo it?We want to song it againNow wait a minute, boysYeah, why can't we sing it again?Alvin, cut the c—Theodore, just a m—Simon, cut that out—boys

The Chipmunk song (Christmas Don't be Late) by Tamar Braxton (Ft. Trina Braxton), Christmas Don't Be so late by Rosie Thomas, The Chipmunk song by Canned Heat, The Chipmunk tune (Christmas Don't it is in Late) by Jamie Grace, The Chipmunk song by Lost Dogs, Christmas Don't Be so late by ENERGY, Christmas nothing Be late by Powder, Christmas nothing Be so late by The Goo Goo Dolls, Christmas Don't Be late by Tilian and Anthony environment-friendly & Christmas Don't Be late by Norah Jones

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