descriptions: cell in plentiful fluid-gel matrix; loose arrangement of collagen and also elastic fibers.functions: loosely binds organs: holds organization fluids.locations: about body organs, binding skin to deeper organs.

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descriptions: cells in thin fluid-gel matrix; closely packed cells.functions: protects; insulates; shop fat.locations: hypodermis (subcutaneous layer), roughly kidneys and heart, yellow bone marrow, and also breasts.
descriptions: cells in fluid-gel matrix; reticular fibers.functions: supportive structure of organs.locations: spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, and red bone marrow.
descriptions: cell in fluid-gel matrix; parallel, wavy collagen fibers; restricted vascularity.functions: tightly binding body parts.locations: tendons and also ligaments.
descriptions: cells in fluid-gel matrix; arbitrarily collegen fibers.functions: sustains organization tension; durable.locations: dermis, love valves, and also periosteum on bone.
descriptions: cell in fluid-gel matrix; collagen fibers densely packed; branched elastic fibers.functions: gives elastic quality.locations: huge artery walls, vocal cords, and some ligaments in between vertebrae.
descriptions: cell in certain solid-gel matrix; fine network that collagen fibers; appears glassy; avascular.functions: supports, protects, and provides framework.locations: nasal septum, larynx, seaside cartilage, ends of lengthy bones, and fetal skeleton.
descriptions: cell in kind solid-gel matrix; plentiful collagen fibers; avascular.functions: supports, protects, and absorbs shock.locations: between vertebrae, between pubic bones, and pads (meniscus) in knee.
descriptions: cells in for sure solid-gel matrix; weblike elastic fibers; avascular.functions: supports, protects, and also provides flexible framework.locations: outer ear and epiglottis.
descriptions: cell in hard matrix; numerous collagen fibers; vascular.functions: supports, protects, gives framework, and calcium storage.locations: lumens the blood vessels and heart chambers.
descriptions: cells and also platelets in fluid matrix referred to as plasma.functions: transports nutrients, wastes, gases, defends versus disease, and also involves clotting.locations: lumens the lymphatic vessels.

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Which the the adhering to is no a role of connective tissues?(a) fill spaces(b) provide support(c) bind frameworks together (d) body movement
The many abundant fibers of connective organization are(a) reticular(b) elastic(c) collagen(d) glycoprotein
Which connective tissue has actually a fluid matrix?(a) blood(b) adipose(c) reticular connective(d) hyaline cartilage
The connective organization that composes tendons and ligaments is(a) dense continual connective(b) elastic connective(c) elastic cartilage(d) thick irregular connective
Adipose, areolar, and reticular connective tissues are considered loosened connective organization types.(a) true(b) false
Four species (connective organization proper, cartilage, bone, blood), no as close as epithelial (scattered), have actually abundant non-cellular material dubbed the extracellular matrix, do binding, support, transport, and also nutrition features for organs and also organ systems.


Fundamentals the Biochemistry: Life at the molecule Level5th EditionCharlotte W. Pratt, Donald Voet, Judith G. Voet