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A time because that us, sooner or later there"ll beWhen chains are torn by courage born the a love that"s freeA time as soon as dreams, so lengthy deniedCan prosper as we unveil the love we now need to hideA time for us at last to seeA life worthwhile because that you and meAnd with our love with tears and thornsWe will certainly endure as we pass surely v every stormA time for us, one day there"ll beA new world, a world of shining hope for you and also meA time for united state at critical to seeA life worthwhile for you and also meAnd with our love through tears and also thornsWe will endure as we happen surely through every stormA time because that us, one day there"ll beA new world, a civilization of bright hope for you and also me
A Time For united state (Love layout From Romeo & Juliet) text © Sony/ATV Music posting LLC, global Music posting Group, BMG rights Management, Songtrust Ave
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