21) A temperature change of 20 C° corresponds to a Fahrenheit temperature readjust of 

21) ______

A) 11 F°. 

B) 36 F°. 

C) 68 F°. 

D) 18 F°. 


22) in ~ what, if any, temperature are the numerical readings top top the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales the same? 

22) ______

A) -60°  

B) -30°  

C) -40°  

D) -50°  

E) They have the right to never read the same because they are based on different zeroes.


23) Oxygen condenses into a fluid at around 90 K.  What temperature, in degrees  Fahrenheit, go this correspond to?

23) ______

A) -297°F

B) -193°F

C) -265°F

D) -217°F


SHORT ANSWER.  Write words or phrase that finest completes each statement or answers the question.

24) What is pure zero ~ above the (a) Celsius scale and also (b) top top the Fahrenheit scale?




MULTIPLE CHOICE.  select the one alternative that best completes the declare or answers the question.

25) Nitrogen boils at -196°C. What is the equivalent temperature in the Fahrenheit scale? 

25) ______

A) -315°F

B) -321°F

C) -196°F

D) -346°F

E) -290°F


26) The weather exterior is frightful. The temperature is -22°F. What is the matching temperature in the Celsius scale?

26) ______

A) -30°C

B) -12°C

C) -22°C

D) -35°C

E) -20°C


27) Platinum melts at 3215°F. What is the matching temperature in the Kelvin scale?

27) ______

A) 2135 K

B) 3215 K

C) 2207 K

D) 2296 K

E) 2041 K


28) The coefficient of linear expansion of stole is 12 × 10-6 K-1.

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What is the adjust in length of a 25-m steel bridge expectancy when it experience a temperature change of 40 K indigenous winter to summer?

28) ______

A) 1.8 centimeter

B) 1.6 cm

C) 1.4 cm

D) 1.2 cm

E) 2.0 centimeter


29) A steel leg is 1000 m long at -20°C in winter.  What is the readjust in size when the temperature rises come 40°C in summer?  The median coefficient that linear growth of this stole is 11 × 10-6 K-1.

29) ______

A) 0.33 m 

B) 0.44 m 

C) 0.66 m 

D) 0.55 m 


30) an aluminum pole 17.400 cm lengthy at 20°C is heated to 100°C.  What is its brand-new length?  Aluminum has a linear growth coefficient of 25 × 10-6 K-1.