I"m an A-level student and also I love learning brand-new things in cg-tower.com. A new concept that ns learnt states that the reflection is because of the scattering of irradiate by electron in the material. I"ve obtained my head roughly this yet something that bothers me is exactly how do glowing surfaces prefer a mirror or reflective surface prefer silver or platnum reflect almost every one of the light the it receives and also yet details other metals don"t. If it depends on the electron scattering light, why is the material or composition of electrons so important? What is the residential or commercial property that provides reflective surface the way that castle are also when the variety of electrons differs?



$egingroup$ can you make the title an ext descriptive? I'd prize the question, "Why execute shiny surface reflect an ext light than other surfaces" with, "because that's exactly how shiny is defined". $endgroup$
A clean metallic surface shows up shiny because it is showing light. The interaction is due to the conductivity the the surface ar of the metal.

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When surface problems change, the reflectivity is reduced. For example, a clean aluminum surface is an extremely reflective, and also aluminum coatings are used on the ago side of mirrors; the glass protects the clean aluminum surface.

If the clean aluminum surface is exposed come air that will quickly oxidize. You have the right to test this by scratching or cutting any kind of thick piece of dull aluminum. The oxidized class is actually a good insulator, however is rather thin. The exact same holds for most other metals. If castle don"t tarnish, climate stuff gets on the surface.


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