Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters. Castle are various sizes, and they are various fractions the a dollar. You will learn around fractions and finance with money games and an interactive fraction quiz!



When writing amounts of money, two forms can it is in used: cents and dollars.

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To write cents, use a cent sign and also do not use a decimal point with it. A quarter is precious 25 cents, or 25¢.To write dollars, usage a decimal suggest and dissension sign, $1.00. A decimal point is likewise used to show fractions that a dollar. A portion is component of a whole, therefore "a portion of a dollar" is a part of a dollar. A quarter, or $0.25, means “twenty-five percentage percent of a dollar,” which is a portion of a dollar equal to 25 cents.

Discuss with a parental or teacher the name and also value of every coin below:


Now the you have discussed the name and value of every coin, let’s look at what “fraction that a dollar” every coin is. Think around how numerous parts equal a whole. In this case, the components are the coins and the entirety is the dollar:

Name that CoinCoinValue"Fraction the a Dollar"

Discuss with a parent or teacher:

How plenty of pennies equal a dollar?How plenty of nickels same a dollar?How plenty of dimes same a dollar?How plenty of quarters same a dollar?

Now usage the table above to occupational through the instances below:

ExampleA coin is what portion of a dollar?

Since 100 pennies equates to one dollar, climate one penny is 1/100 the a dollar.

ExampleA dime is what portion of a dollar?

Since ten dimes amounts to one dollar, then one dime is 1/10 of a dollar.

ExampleThree quarters space what fraction of a dollar?

Four quarters equal a dollar, therefore each 4 minutes 1 is ¼ of a dollar. Three quarters would be ¼ + ¼ + ¼ , or ¾ that a dollar.

Watch this short explanation ~ above Fractions the a dollar (Quarters):


Discuss with a parent or teacher how numerous quarters would make a dollar.

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How numerous pennies consist of a dollar?How do you recognize "the fraction of a dollar" that a details coin is?

Now, you will move on to the Got It? section to finish interactive practice with fountain of a dollar.