Charles Kettering, the famed inventor and head of research study for GM, claimed “a difficulty well-stated is half-solved.”

Here, then, space six actions you have the right to take to state a company problem so its solutions come to be clearer:

1. State the difficulty in a sentence. A single sentence pressures you to extract the main problem from a potentially complex situation. An instance of a difficulty statement: “We need to rise revenue through 25%.”

2. Do the problem statement into a question.

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turning the difficulty statement right into a question opens up the mind to possibilities: “How execute we rise revenue through 25%?”

3. Restate the question in five ways. If girlfriend spin the inquiry from a selection of perspectives, you will do it construct brand-new questions that may administer intriguing answers.

For instance, try asking: “How might we increase revenue through 25% in a month?” “How might we rise it by 25% in one hour?” “How can we boost it by 25% in a minute?” “What could we prevent doing the might reason a 25% revenue increase?” “What ways have the right to we usage our currently customer basic to impact the increase?”

4. Provide yourself thinking quotas. One arbitrary manufacturing quota provides you a much better shot at coming up through something usable, since it keeps you reasoning longer and also with better concentration.

When i asked you come “Restate the question 5 ways,” the was an example of an arbitrarily quota. Yes sir nothing magical around five restatements. In fact, five is low. Ten, or even a hundred, would be much better.

5. Knock her questions. whatever questions did you do it asked, i think they’re wrong-headed, or the you haven’t bring away them far enough.

You might ask, “Why do we require an 25% increase at all? Why not a 5% increase? A 500% increase? A 5,000% increase? What various other things in the business might require to adjust that would be as essential as revenue?

6. Decide upon your new problem-solving question. based on the thinking you’ve already done, this step may not also be necessary. Often, as soon as you look in ~ your situation from enough angles, remedies pop up without much an ext effort.

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However, if you still have to pick a single question that summarizes her problem, and also none seems perfect, pressure yourself to choose one that’s at least serviceable. Going forward is far better than standing still.