\(\overrightarrowX"OX\) and \(\overrightarrowY"OY\) represent the co-ordinate axes. The ray \(\overrightarrowOX\) istaken as hopeful x-axis. So, any distance follow me \(\overrightarrowOX\) will be taken as positiveand the ray \(\overrightarrowOX"\) is taken as an adverse x-axis. So, any kind of distance relocate along \(\overrightarrowOX"\)will be taken together negative.

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Similarly, beam \(\overrightarrowOY\) taken as optimistic y-axis. So, the distancemoved follow me \(\overrightarrowOY\) will be taken together positive and also \(\overrightarrowOY"\) is take away as an unfavorable y-axis.So, the distance moved along \(\overrightarrowOY"\) will certainly be taken as negative.

So, In Quadrant I,x > 0, y > 0

In Quadrant II,x 0

In Quadrant III,x 0, y


The graph will help us tounderstand the convention the the indicators of coordinates.


(i) The co-ordinates the any allude lies in the first quadranthave both the abscissa and ordinate are confident i.e. (+, +).

(ii) The co-ordinates of any allude lies in the secondquadrant have actually the abscissa negative and ordinate confident i.e. (-, +).

(iii) The co-ordinates the any allude lies in the thirdquadrant have both the abscissa and ordinate are an unfavorable i.e. (-, -).

(iv) The co-ordinates of any suggest lies in the fourthquadrant have actually the abscissa positive and also ordinate an unfavorable i.e. (+, -).

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