although no nation name starts v the letter "X", both in English or other neighborhood languages, plenty of cities and towns do. Most of this cities and also towns are situated in China, and two cities in Mexico, and one city in both Mozambique and Uzbekistan. Several of the cities whose names start with the letter "X" are highlighted below.

Examples of urban that start with the Letter "X"

Cities in China

More than 25 cities in different parts that China have actually names that start with the letter "X." The biggest city is Xi’an, which has actually an estimated population of 5.9 million. Xi’an is the capital city that Shaanxi province and is among China’s oldest cities, and also one the the country"s Four great Ancient Capitals.

Xianning, i beg your pardon is prefecture-level city in Hubei Province, is the second-largest city in China that starts with the letter "X." The city has actually an estimated populace of 2.4 million, and the majority of the population are Han people, while less than 5,000 determine as belong to other ethnic groups.

Xiangyang is also a prefecture-level city in Hubei Province. It is the second-largest city in Hubei after Xianning, through an estimated population 2.2 million.

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The sub-provincial city that Xiamen in the southeastern Fujian province is separated into six districts and has one estimated population of 1.9 million. The connects the urban of Zhangzhou and also Quanzhou in the west and north, respectively.

Xintai is a county-level city located in the central part that Shandong Province. That is likewise a county-level department of the city that Tai’an.

Xuchang is a prefecture-level city in Henan district that boundaries Zhengzhou to the northwest. The is the center of the Chinese tobacco industry and also is also known because that the manufacturing of wigs.

Other urban in China that begin with the letter "X" encompass Xinghua, Xiantao, Xinyu, and also Xinxiang. Every of this cities have actually a population of at least one million residents.

Cities in Mexico

Two cities in Mexico start with the letter "X." The city of Xalapa is the resources of the state that Veracruz, as well as the surname of the bordering municipality. The city’s name originated indigenous the Nahuatl language, and way "sand" and "place the water." Xalapa is popularly described as the "Athens that Veracruz" due to the fact that of the strong social influence from the regional university, Universidad Veracruzana. The city has an estimated populace of 388,000 residents.

The various other city in Mexico beginning with the letter "X" is Xochimilco, which is one of the 16 boroughs in Mexico City. The borough is centered on the previous independent city of Xochimilco and is divided into 18 neighborhoods.

Xai-Xai and Xo’jayli

Xai-Xai is the only city in Africa that starts with the letter "X." The city, i m sorry is situated in southerly Mozambique, was previously named João Belo. That is right now the resources of Gaza province and has actually an estimated populace of 116,000. Xo’jayli is a town in Karakalpakstan, which is one autonomous republic in ~ Uzbekistan. That is located around 15 kilometers northwest of Nukus, i beg your pardon is the resources of Karakalpakstan.

Pronunciation of “X” in the surname of Chinese urban

Given that many of the city name that start with the letter "X" perform not come from the English language, the "X" is regularly not express the same method as it would be in English. The joint of the Chinese personality is regularly written down using a Romanization system recognized as pinyin. Therefore, the "X" in the surname sounds choose something in between "sea" and also "she."

List the the many Populous urban That begin With the Letter "X"

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