A person of massive 75 kg stands in ~ the facility of a rotating merry-go-round communication of radius 3.0 m and also moment the inertia 820 kg· m2. The platform rotates without friction with angular velocity 0.95 rad/s. The person walks radially to the edge of the platform. (a) calculate the angular velocity once the human reaches the edge. (b) calculation the rotational kinetic energy of the system of platform plus human being before and after the person"s walk.

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person of mass 75 kg stands at the center of a rotating merry-go-round platform of radius 3.0m and moment of inertia 920 kg m2. The platform rotates without friction with angular velocity 2.0 rad/s. The person walks radially to the edge of the platform.(a) Calculate the angular velocity when the... See Answer
A person of mass 70.0 kg is sit in the bathtub. The bath tub is 190.0 cm by 80.0 cm; before the person got in, the water was 10.0 cm deep. The water is at a temperature of 37.0°C. Intend that the water were to cool down spontaneously to form ice at 0.0°C. and that all the energy released was... Watch Answer
How plenty of grams of carbohydrate go a person of mass 74 kg need to metabolize to climb 5 flights of stairway (15 m elevation increase)? each gram of carbohydrate provides 17.6 kJ of energy. Assume 10.0% efficiency-that is, 10.0% of the available chemical energy in the carbohydrate is converted to... Watch Answer
A person of mass 90 kg was standing on a friction less, horizontal surface fires a bullet of mass 40 g in a horizontal direction. After the bullet has traveled a street of 50 m, what distance has actually the person... See Answer
A person of mass M stands top top a bathroom scale inside a Ferris wheel compartment. The Ferris wheel has actually radius R and angular velocity ?. What is the obvious weight of the person (a) At the optimal (b) At the... Watch Answer
(1) Employment discontinuation payment Barbra Purcell began her employed with the Republic financial institution of...... ... $105,000 aspect untaxed in the money $10,000 facet taxed in the money $550,000 compelled Advise Barbra what would be the tax consequences of withdrawing she super throughout 2019/20, consisting of all... Watch Answer
What is productive capacity? Nonproductive? Idle capacity? Why are these different types of capacity utilization important? view Answer
consider the adhering to dialogue in between a equipment professional, Joe Pugh, and a manager of a department targeted because that a new information system, Lam Meyer: Pugh: The means to go about the evaluation is to very first examine the old system, such as reviewing crucial documents and observing the employees performing... Watch Answer
allow f : R + Rbe an enhancing function. Present that f(r) = x, Va E R + f(x) = x, Vr Q. Permit f : R + Rbe boosting function. Show that f(r) = x, Va E R + f(x) = x, Vr Q. See Answer
(a) What is the angular momentum of a number skater spinning 3.0rev/s at with eight in nearby to her body, assuming her to it is in a uniform cylinder with a elevation of 1.5 m, a radius of 15 cm, and a mass of 48 kg? (b) exactly how much speak is compelled to sluggish her to a protect against in 4.0 s, presume she does no move... See Answer
A potter\"s wheel is rotating roughly a upright axis v its center at a frequency of 1.5rev/s. The wheel can be taken into consideration a uniform disc of mass 5.0 kg and diameter 0.40 m. The potter climate throws a 2.6-kg chunk of clay, around shaped together a level disk of radius 7.0 cm, top top the center of... Watch Answer
Microtech copy, group is widening rapidly, and it right now needs to retain all of that earnings,...... ... percent every year—during years 4 and 5. After Year 5, the firm should prosper at a continuous rate of 8 percent every year. If the forced return top top the share is 15 percent, what is the value... View Answer
Robert, a new client of yours, is a self-employed supplier in Santa Fe, brand-new Mexico. Robert drives...... ... Mileage technique to calculate Robert’s extinguish for transportation costs. Robert has responded by saying, “Well, i don’t really save track of my miles. Ns guess ns drove roughly 3,000 miles... View Answer
people Foods, Inc., imports food assets such as meats, cheese, and pastries to the joined States...... ... Lb.) from every U.S. City of the three circulation centers and the needs (1,000 lb.) at the distribution centers are as follows: recognize the optimal shipments between the european ports... See Answer
expect that a decision an equipment faced with 4 decision choices and 4 states of nature...... ... Prefer? Explain. Is establishing the most appropriate approach before analyzing the problem important for the decision maker? Explain.c. Assume that the payoff table provides expense rather than... Check out Answer

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The adhering to data room taken from the financial statements of Filbert Company. Compute for each...... ... Statements of Filbert Company. Compute for annually (a) the accounts receivable turnover and (b) the typical collection period. What conclusions around the administration of accounts receivable can... Watch Answer