The shiny external surface of a hollow round of aluminium of radius 50 centimeter is to be used as a mirror:(a) What will be the focal length of this mirror?

(b) Which kind of spherical mirror will certainly it provide?

(c) State even if it is this spherical mirror will diverge or converge irradiate rays.

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(a) Given:

The radius the curvature that the mirror, $R$ = 50 cm.

We recognize that the focal distance length, $f$ is equal to the half of the radius that curvature, $R$, that is given as:

$f=frac 12 imes R$

Now, putting the value $R$ in the above equation us get-

$f=frac 12 imes 50$


Hence, the focal length of this mirror will certainly be 25 cm.

(b) due to the fact that the outer surface is shiny, that will provide a convex mirror.

(c) This spherical mirror will diverge the light rays.


If a spherical mirror, include the inner surface ar shiny or polished, climate it will certainly be a concave mirror, whereas a spherical mirror, comprise the external surface shiny or polished, then it will certainly be a convex mirror.

A concave mirror converges the irradiate rays because of which it is also known together a converging mirror, vice versa, a convex mirror diverges the light rays, and additionally known as a diverging mirror.



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