There were plenty of creatures and also monsters in Greek mythology. Some were evil and ugly, and also some to be beautiful and mischievous. There is one monster in details in Greek mythology that had a lion because that a head and also breathed fire. This was known as the Chimera.

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What is the Chimera?

The Chimera was a woman hybrid monster consisting of a lion’s head and also usually the human body of a goat. Occasionally there would be a line that would act as the monster’s tail. The Chimera would breathe fire native the mouth the the lion’s head, and also it was thought about an immortal creature.

The Chimera likewise had renowned monstrous siblings. She siblings are Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guarded the underworld v Hades, and the Lernean Hydra. Both of these creatures Hercules had actually to kill during his 12 labors.

The Chimera to be born from Typhon and also Echidna. Typhon to be the deadliest serpent in Greek mythology, and also Echidna to be a half-snake, half-woman monster. Together, they would develop Chimera, a lion-headed monster who can breathe fire.

The Chimera lived in Lycia, a mountainous region known today as Turkey.

Bellerophon and also the Chimera

Bellerophon was a hero in Greek mythology known for his capability to kill the lion-headed monster recognized as Chimera. One day, the king ordered him to death the Chimera the was feeding on and also terrorizing the locals in the city.

Bellerophon walk what he to be asked and sought the advice of a seer in Lycia on exactly how to defeat the Chimera. The seer advised Bellerophon to discover Pegasus, a white-winged horse, and child of Medusa, to help him ~ above his quest.

Bellerophon prayed within the temple of Athena because that guidance to find and tame the Pegasus. Athena finally appeared in Bellerophon’s prayers and also gave the a gold bridle the he might use come tame Pegasus. Athena called him that Pegasus have to be situated at the fine of Pirene in Corinth.

Bellerophon go what he was told, and also Athena was correct; he to be able to find the Pegasus and also tame him through the gold bridle. Bellerophon then placed the Pegasus and flew on him come Lycia.

Once he gone into Lycia, Bellerophon discovered the Chimera. The attempted to gain close to her yet was can not to do so since of the warm of the fire that the Chimera breathed out. Every time the threw a spear, the Chimera would disintegrate it with her fire. Bellerophon knew the in order to slay the Chimera, that would need to outsmart her and also use her fire against her, however he to be unsure how.

Bellerophon went on a mission to discover something he might use to connect to his spears that could be used against the Chimera and also her fire. Bellerophon soon discovered a block the lead the he believed he could connect to his spear. The command would, and also spear would fly with the air and leave a follow of melted lead in its path.

Bellerophon conveniently grabbed the block the lead and also attached it come his spear. When he to be in place on his Pegasus, Bellerophon traction his spear back and sent the spear flying with the fire indigenous the Chimera’s mouth.

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The spear and lead did precisely what Bellerophon expected. The fire automatically melted the lead in the air, and also the melted command poured down right into the Chimera’s throat. The Chimera was suffocated by the melted lead and also immediately died. Bellerophon would come to be well-known as the Greek hero who slew the angry fire-breathing lion-headed monster.