The ________ duty finds the greatest number in a set of number data.

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Cell ReferenceA __________ is the coordinates of the intersection of a column and also a row; for instance A1.
AccountingThe ______________ number format screens numbers through a dollar sign, commas and also decimals.
FixedWhen a number is formatted as money, it deserve to have a floating or a ______ dissension sign.
ConditionalThe formatting that shows up only when the worth in a cabinet meets conditions that girlfriend specify is referred to as __________ formatting.
CTRL + ~What key-board shortcut is provided to display a spreadsheet with the formulas showing?
Absolute$B$20 is a ___________ reference.
RelativeB20 is a ______ reference.
NOWThis role inserts the date and time the computer system is set to or the current date.
AVERAGEThe _________ duty sums the number in the range and climate divides the amount by the variety of cells in the range.
Merging Cells__________ involves creating a single cell by combining 2 or much more selected cells.
Right-alignedIn the header when writing a research paper, your last name and the web page number should be _____.
Select a variety of dataWhat is the an initial thing that requirements to be excellent to include a graph in to Excel?
FunctionA _________ is a prewritten formula that is constructed into excel.
UndoWhen you desire to take ago what you most recently did within any Microsoft program, you have the right to use the _______.
Landscape, Horizontal, FooterBefore print a Worksheet in Excel, click the Office Button, Click print Preview, Clcik page Setup and readjust fit come one page and also _______.
Right-Click, tap style CellsTo layout Numbers in the Worksheet through a Floating disagreement Sign, highlight the cells to be formatted, _____.
Merge/Center ButtonTo center cell entries throughout columns, to mark the cells, press ______.
Alt + EnterTo get in column titles that show up on 2 lines in ~ a cell, type the first word, push _____ and kind second word.
equal signTo alarm Excel the you room entering a formula and not text, kind a(n) ________ preceding the formula.
best fitWhen Excel instantly sets the width of a column based on the widest entry in the column, that is referred to as ______.
cross hairWhen copying a variety of cells making use of the drag and also drop method, you very first point to the border of the selected selection so that the computer mouse pointer changes to a(n)_________.
DELETEPress the _________ an essential to remove characters to the ideal of the insertion point.
cellA ____ is the intersection of a row and also a column.
one fifty percent inchIn Word, the default tabs are places at ____ intervals top top the ruler.
deletedSelected placeholder text automatically is _____ once you start typing.
templatesThere space ______ the are provided to produce resumes.
left alignedWhen an initial entered into a cell, text is _____.
right-alignedWhen first entered right into a cell, numbers are ______.
embeddedAn ______ graph is one the is ~ above a worksheet.
multiplicationIn the formula =4 * 6 - 8, the multiplication operation(*) is completed first.
Point modeIf you usage ______ to get in a formula or choose a range, you should press the ENTER vital to finish the entry.
90You deserve to rotate text counterclockwise by beginning a number between 1 degree and also ___ degrees on the Alignment paper in the style Cells dialog box.
not visibleA formatting note is a character that Word displays on the screen however is _____ ~ above a printed document.
ENTER keyWordWrap allows you to form words in a i continually without pushing the ____ at the end of each line.
four timesHow numerous times carry out you return after ~ the dateline in a letter?
Show/HideTo display formatting marks on the screen, click the _____ ~ above the Office Button
Home TabThe _____, referred to as the major tab, has the more frequently supplied tools.
Spelling is incorrectWhen a red wave appears under a word is method what?
ThemeA file _______ is a collection of unified styles for fonts, colors and graphics.
Center____ is an instance of one alignment
CTRL + VThe keyboard shortcut for dough is what?
CTRL + AThe keyboard shortcut for pick all is what?
DoubleA research paper is ______ spaced.
HeaderA _____ is text and graphics that publish at the peak of every page.
FooterA ______ is text and also graphics that print at the bottom that every page.
ReferencesTo insert a brand-new citation you should be ~ above the ______ ribbon
One customs aroundThe indigenous default because that margins is
InsertTo add a graph in Excel what Ribbon do you need to be viewing?
MINThe ________ role finds the lowest number in a collection of numerical data.
3Excel opens a brand-new workbook through ____________ worksheets.
apostropheUse a(n) _______________ in a cabinet to get in numbers together text.
fill handle________ is the tiny black square located in the lower-right corner of the heavy border about the energetic cell.
filenames________ deserve to have a maximum of 255 characters, however cannot save a colon, concern mark, better than symbol, much less than symbol, backslash, slash, asterisk, quotation mark, or upright bar.
legendOn a shaft chart, the ________ identify the colour assigned to every bar in the chart.
folderA ________ is a particular location ~ above a storage medium.
Cyberbullying_____ sending or posting harmful or cruel message or pictures using the web or various other digital interaction devices
e-mail____ is a company that allows people to send messages through pictures and sounds native their computer to any other computer system in the world.
hacker____ is breaking into a computer or network by evading or disabling protection measures.
breaking the lawSending or forwarding sexually clearly photos, videos, or messges indigenous a cell phone phone have actually many consequence such as risking her reputation and also _____________.
mouse trapping____ is a typically used method by pornography sites whereby a user gets "locked" in a internet site.
netiquette____ is courtesy, honesty, and also polite habits practiced on the internet.
pharming___ is an virtual scam that strikes the browser's address bar. Users kind in what castle think is a precious web-site attend to and space unknowingly redirected come an illegitimate website that steals their an individual information.
phishingWhen scam artists send spam, pop-ups, or text messages to trick you into disclosing personal, financial, or other sensitve information
sextingSending or forwardings sexually explicit pictures or messages from a mobile phone.
textingSending brief messages from one mobile phone come another.
usernameAn alias supplied with a password come grant accessibility to accounts and websites.
personal informationData that can be supplied to recognize you, choose your name, address, birth date, or Social protection number.

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groomingThis is the process predators usage to manipulate minors right into sexual relationships or into creating sexual pictures of themselves. The often includes the giving of compliments or gifts. (
webcamA video clip camera that have the right to stream live video on the web.
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