A Cow together White together Milk, A Cape together Red together Blood, The Hair as Yellow as Corn, The Slipper together Pure together Gold

Stephen Sondheim used a great deal the symbolism in Into the Woods. Every of the 4 items that the Baker and also his mam were to find in order come undo the assignment on their house represented something after that in the story or around life in general.

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The cow together white together milk can be bring away to stand for two things: purity and virginity if we’re gift perfectly honest, but in the context of Stephen Sondheim, it’s the purity the cow represents. It is the point that will essentially produce the potion because that the Witch in order for the order to be undone, yet at a cost.

The cape together red a blood to represent anger, passion, and ultimately death later on. The an initial person to dice is the Wolf and honestly he had it coming. But in obtaining the cape, little Red was attacked and also she learned something and also that was not to to trust strangers also though lock can display you things and also then she provided the cape to the Baker and then fatality just follows behind.

Little Red riding Hood in the woods ~ above the way to Granny’s House

Hair as yellow together corn to represent the landscape and also the purity of the land. Rapunzel’s father took the greens native the Witch’s garden and in return the Witch took Rapunzel and locked her in a tower where no one can get come her. In comparing she hair come corn it speak of the land and also how she is very much in tune with it. And Rapunzel is pure because she has actually remained untouched by the world.

Slipper as pure as gold to represent the wealth and also greed the life has to offer. Cinderella go the ball gown and also goes come the round where she is pursed through Prince Charming and then she weds him, escaping her life the “poverty” the she has withstood from her step-family. Gold is then as soon as Jack climbs the beanstalk and steals indigenous the giants and also that is what causes all of the troubles to befall the characters.

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Not plenty of would think the Sondheim would use symbolism, but the concern is what is intended or one accident?

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