Absolute cell referenceA cell recommendation that describes cells by your fixed place in a worksheet; an absolute cell recommendation remains the same once the formula is copied.

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Accounting Number FormatThe Excel number layout that applies a thousand comma separator where appropriate, inserts a solved U.S. Dollar authorize aligned at the left leaf of the cell, applies two decimal places, and also leaves a small amount of room at the ideal edge of the cell to accommodate a parenthesis for an unfavorable numbers.
Active cellThe cell, surrounding by a green border, ready to receive data or be influenced by the next Excel command.
Application-level controls Buttons at the much right that the ribbon tabs that minimize or restore Excel.
Arithmetic operatorsThe signs +, −, *, /, %, and ^ offered to represent addition, individually (or negation), multiplication, division, percentage, and exponentiation in one Excel formula.
Auto FillAn Excel attribute that generates and also extends values into surrounding cells based on the values of selected cells.
AutoComplete (Excel)A attribute that speeds her typing and also lessens the likelihood that errors; if the first few characters you type in a cell complement an existing entrance in the column, Excel fills in the remaining personalities for you.
AutoFitAn Excel feature that adjusts the width of a obelisk to to the right the cell content of the widest cabinet in the column.
AutoSumA switch that inserts a sum function.
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Category axisThe area along the bottom the a chart the identifies the categories of data; additionally referred to as the x-axis.
Category labelsThe brand that screen along the bottom the a chart to determine the categories of data; Excel supplies the row titles together the category labels.
CellThe intersection of a column and a row.
Cell addressThe to know of a particular cell by its intersecting column letter and row number. An additional name for a cabinet reference.
Cell contentAnything typed right into a cell.
Cell referenceThe identification of a certain cell by its intersecting pillar letter and row number. Another name for cell address.
Cell styleA defined collection of formatting characteristics, such together font, font size, font color, cell borders, and also cell shading.
Chart (Excel)The graphic representation of data in a worksheet; data presented as a chart is usually less complicated to understand than a table of numbers.
Chart facets buttonA switch with which you can add, remove, or adjust chart facets such as the title, legend, gridlines, and data labels.
Chart filter buttonA button with which you can modify what data points and also names room visible on her chart.
Chart layoutThe mix of chart elements that can be displayed in a chart such together a title, a legend, labels because that the columns, and also the table the charted cells.
Chart styleThe in its entirety visual look of a graph in terms of its graphic effects, colors, and also backgrounds; because that example, you can have flat or beveled columns, colors that room solid or transparent, and also backgrounds that space dark or light.
Chart formats buttonA switch with which girlfriend can choose a style and also color scheme for her chart.
Chart layouts galleryA team of predesigned chart formats that you can use to an Excel chart.
Chart species Various chart layouts used in a way that is systematic to the reader; typical examples are pillar charts, pie charts, and also line charts.
Collaboration Working together with others together a team in one intellectual venture to complete a shared task or achieve a mutual goal.
ColumnA vertical team of cells in a worksheet.
Column chartA graph in i m sorry the data is arranged in columns and that is helpful for reflecting data changes over a period of time or for illustrating comparisons amongst items.
Column headingThe letter that screens at the height of a vertical team of cells in a worksheet; beginning with the an initial letter of the alphabet, a unique letter or mix of letters identifies each column.
Comma StyleThe Excel number layout that inserts thousand comma separators wherein appropriate and applies two decimal places. Comma Style additionally leaves an are at the ideal to accommodate a parenthesis when negative numbers space present.
Constant worth Numbers, text, dates, or time of day the you type into a cell.
Context-sensitive Refers to commands linked with tasks in i m sorry you room engaged; frequently activated by right-clicking a display screen item.
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Data (Excel)Text or number in a cell.
Data markerA column, a bar, one area, a dot, a pie slice, or an additional symbol in a chart the represents a solitary data point; associated data points kind a data series.
Data pointA value that originates in a worksheet cell and that is represented in a chart by a data marker.
Data series Related data points stood for by data markers; each data collection has a unique color or pattern represented in the graph legend.
Displayed valueThe data that displays in a cell.
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Expand Formula Bar buttonAn Excel window element through which you have the right to increase the height of the Formula Bar to display an extensive cell content.
Expand horizontal role bar buttonAn Excel home window element v which you deserve to increase the broad of the horizontal role bar.
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Fill handleThe little black square in the reduced right edge of a selected cell.
Format (Excel)Changing the illustration of cells and worksheet elements to do a worksheet attractive and easy come read.
FormulaAn equation the performs mathematics calculations on worths in a worksheet.
Formula BarAn facet in the Excel window that screens the value or formula had in the active cell; here you can additionally enter or edit values or formulas.
FunctionA predefined formula—a formula the Excel has already built because that you—that performs calculations by using certain values in a particular order.
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General formatThe default format that Excel uses to numbers; this format has no certain characteristics—whatever you type in the cell will display, through the exception that trailing zeros come the best of a decimal allude will no display.
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Help buttonA switch that displays Excel help options.
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LabelAnother surname for a text value; usually offers information about number values.
Left alignmentThe cell format in which characters align at the left leaf of the cell. This is the default for text entries and is an instance of formatting info stored in a cell.
LegendA chart element that identifies the fads or colour that are assigned to the categories in the chart.
Lettered column headingsThe area along the height edge that a worksheet that identifies each column with a unique letter or combination of letters.
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Merge & CenterA command the joins selected cell in an Excel worksheet right into one larger cell and centers the materials in the new cell.
Microsoft Office 365A set of for sure online solutions that enable people in an organization to communicate and collaborate by using any type of Internet-connected device—a computer, a tablet, or a cell phone phone.
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Name BoxAn element of the Excel window that displays the name of the selected cell, table, chart, or object.
New sheet buttonA switch that inserts secondary worksheet in the workbook.
Number formatA specific method in i beg your pardon Excel screens numbers in a cell.
Number valuesConstant values consisting of only numbers.
Numbered heat headingsThe area along the left sheet of a worksheet that identifies every row v a distinct number.
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OperatorsThe signs with i beg your pardon you have the right to specify the form of calculate you want to execute in one Excel formula.
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Page Layout viewA screen view in i beg your pardon you have the right to use the rulers to measure up the width and height the data, set margins for printing, hide or screen the numbered heat headings and also the lettered obelisk headings, and adjust the page orientation; this check out is valuable for preparing your worksheet because that printing.
Picture elementA point of light measured in dots every square inch on a screen; 64 pixels equates to 8.43 characters, which is the average variety of digits that will certainly fit in a cell in one Excel worksheet utilizing the default font.
PixelThe abbreviated surname for a snapshot element.
Point and click methodThe an approach of creating a formula by pointing to and then clicking cells; this method is convenient as soon as the referenced cells are not nearby to one another.
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Quick evaluation buttonThe switch that screens in the reduced right edge of a selected variety with i m sorry you deserve to analyze your data by making use of Excel devices such as charts, color-coding, and formulas.
Quick evaluation ToolA device that screens a button in the lower right edge of a selected selection with alternatives to analyze data by utilizing Excel features such as charts, color-coding, and formulas.
Quick Layout galleryA group of predesigned chart layouts that you can apply to one Excel chart.
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RangeTwo or much more selected cells on a worksheet that are nearby or nonadjacent; since the selection is treated together a solitary unit, you have the right to make the same alters or a combination of changes to much more than one cabinet at a time.
Range finderAn Excel function that outlines cell in shade to indicate which cells are supplied in a formula; valuable for verifying i beg your pardon cells room referenced in a formula.
Recommended ChartsAn Excel function that displays a customized set of charts the will best fit the variety of data the you select, according to Excel.
Relative cell referral In a formula, the resolve of a cell based on the relative position of the cabinet that consists of the formula and also the cell referred to.
RoundingA procedure in i m sorry you recognize which number at the appropriate of the number will be the last digit displayed and then rise it by one if the next digit to its ideal is 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.
RowA horizontal team of cell in a worksheet.
Row headingThe numbers along the left next of one Excel worksheet that designate the row numbers.
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Scaling (Excel)The procedure of shrinking the width and/or height of published output to fit a maximum number of pages.
Select all boxA box in the top left edge of the worksheet net that, when clicked, selects every the cells in a worksheet.
SeriesA group of things that come one after one more in succession—for example, January, February, March, and so on.
Sheet tab scrolling buttons Buttons come the left that the sheet tabs that display screen Excel paper tabs that space not in view; use as soon as there are an ext sheet tabs than will display screen in the space provided.
Sheet tab Identifies a worksheet in a workbook.
SparklineA small chart in the background of a cell that gives a visual trend an overview alongside your data; provides a pattern much more obvious.
SpreadsheetAnother surname for a worksheet.
Status bar (Excel)The area follow me the reduced edge of the Excel window that displays, top top the left side, the existing cell mode, web page number, and worksheet information, and also on the appropriate side, as soon as numerical data is selected, common calculations such as Sum and Average display.
SUM functionA predefined formula the adds every the numbers in a selected variety of cells.
Switch Row/ColumnA charting command used to swap the data end the axis—data gift charted ~ above the vertical axis will move to the horizontal axis and also vice versa.
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TeamA team of employees tasked with working with each other to deal with a problem, make a decision, or produce a job-related product.
Text valuesConstant values consisting of only text and which usually carry out information around number values; also referred to together labels.
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Underlying formulaThe formula gone into in a cell and also visible only on the Formula Bar.
Underlying valueThe data that screens in the Formula Bar.
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ValueAnother name for a constant value.
Value axisA numerical scale on the left side of a chart that reflects the range of numbers because that the data points; also referred to as the y-axis.
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WorkbookAn Excel paper that includes one or much more worksheets.
WorksheetThe primary document that you usage in Excel to job-related with and also store data, and which is formatted together a pattern of uniformly spaced horizontal and vertical lines.
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x-axisAnother surname for the horizontal (category) axis.

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y-axisAnother name for the vertical (value) axis.
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