E. Application recognize the correct nerve for each question, 1. A damaged forearm resulted in an inability to pronate the forearm and also loss the finger motion in digits 1-3. Surname the nerve that was injured. 2. One injection into the shoulder results in an i can not qualify to prolong the wrist and fingers. Surname the nerve the was injured. 3. Health treatment professionals are taught exactly how to properly provide gluteal injections to avoid pain and also injury led to by inadvertently highlight a major nerve. Surname the nerve to stop 4. Hitting the medial epicondyle results in a study abroad sensation in component of the hand. Name the nerve hit and the part of the hand the tingles. 5. Man Jones hurt his spinal cord. He has use of his serratus anterior muscle, biceps brachii, and also deltoid. However, that does not have actually movement in many muscles of his hand and digits 4-5. Whereby is his spinal cord injury? 6. Complying with the bear of her daughter, Mary had actually trouble adducting her lower limbs. I m sorry nerve to be injured throughout childbirth? 7. Charles broke his leg play softball. The fracture to be a compound fracture of the fibula. After the actors was removed, he experienced an obstacle dorsiflexing his foot. I beg your pardon nerve to be affected? identify the nerve the would bring pain impulses from cach of the following injured areas 8. Greenstick fracture that the tibia. 9. Sunburn on the skin over deltoid muscle 10. Splinter in number 5 of the hand. A. Connective tissue Coverings identify the connective organization covering. 1. Covers unmyelinated or myelinated axons. 2. Covers fascicles 3. Covers groups of axons 4. Covers nerves. B. Rami of Spinal Nerves identify the spinal nervo ramus. 1. Branch that serves the deep muscles and also skin the the back. 2. Branches the belong come the sympathetic concerned system. 3. Branch that fc tforms nerves offer the limbs. C. Significant Nerves the the Nerve Plexuses determine the nerve plexus because that each nerve. 1. Femoral n. 2. Sciatica 3. Phrenica 4. Ulnar n. 5. Axillary 6. Tibial n. 7. Obturator 261 262 exercise 15 SPINAL NERVES 8. Radial n. 9. Usual fibularn. 10. Pudendal D. Spinal Nerves complete the sentences v the correct term around the spinal nerves. 1. The sciatic nerve is created of two nerves, the 2. And the 3. There room ___ bag of spinal nerves. 4. The nerve that provides the posterior thigh and most of the leg and also foot is the 5. Over there is/are_pair(s) that coccygeal nerves 6. If the anterior (ventral) source of a spinal nerve is severed, over there is a (motor or sensory) loss. 7. There are ___pairs of thoracic nerves. 8. The nerve that provides the anterior thigh is the 9. There room pairs the sacral nerves. 10. There are – pairs of lumbar nerves. 11. If the posterior (dorsal) root of a spinal nerve is severed the useful loss is (motor or sensory). 12. There space -pairs of cervical nerves 13. The nerve offers the deltoid and also teres boy muscles. 14. The nerve gives the triceps brachii muscles and also the extensor digitorum longus. 15. The nerve gives the biceps brachii muscles. 16. The nerve provides the diaphragm. 17. The nerve supplies most hand muscles. 18. The nerve supplies the flexor carpi radialis.

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