A blind beg­gar had a broth­er who died. What rela­tionwasthe remote beg­gar come the broth­er whodied?“Broth­er” is no the answer.

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Now, your brain’s turn. What is the answer?

tick tick ticktick…

still work­ing onit?…

Expla­na­tion (answer at bottom):This puz­zle is very sim­ply stat­ed and yet stumps those who have not heard that before, due to the fact that the lis­ten­er tends to do an implic­it assump­tion around gen­der — in this case that a blind beg­gar is aman.

Brain Use:This puz­zle touch­es on ana­lyt­i­cal func­tions choose abstract rea­son­ing, hypoth­e­sis test­ing, and also implic­it assump­tions resid­ing in your frontal lobes, as well as your cre­ativ­i­ty in find­ing nov­el solu­tions come prob­lems and emo­tion­al memory.

Answer:The remote beg­gar to be the sis­ter of her broth­er, whodied.

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