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In thispost we will be stating on two major themes: curiosity and also the beauty ofnature in the city A Bird Came down the walk by Emily Dickinson who was anAmerican poet with tremendous creativity. She uses simple language in subtle andunusual way and see an excellent significance in simple and everyday happenings andsituations.

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The poethas extracted an ordinary incident seen in nature and also has made a movie-likepresentation to the reader. Here, shed does not also miss a little bit ofdetails around the actions of the bird. This is an indication of the patienceand the curiosity the the speaker as a bird watcher, which reminds the city ThePoet, Lover and Bird watcher through Nissim Ezekiel which describes the patience the abird watcher. She further tries toexperiment on the nature expanding her curiosity which might be the climax of thepoem the led the bird to leave the scene.

When thereader is going v the poem, the or she may feel even if it is the speaker istrying come see and contrast a human through a bird or to uncover a shed humanrelationship through the bird. She anthropomorphizes the bird providing it a humanquality and explores that actions together they room human. If not, she is only acurious explorer of the nature and interprets just how it works reflecting its beautyand the wild nature in its real form.

However,the curiosity the the speaker is visible in her presentation of the details ofthe bird and its behaviour. She presents every the plot of the bird notmissing even tiny detail and also adds she feelings to the words in the poem. Forexample: The bird eating an ‘angle worm’ in ‘halves’ and eating the ‘raw’;drinking dew indigenous a ‘convenient’ grass and also hopping ‘sideways’ to let a beetlepass. Mirrors her microscope glance at this seemingly trivial incident.

This isfurther seen when the speaker defines the bird’s head and eyes in eagle’s-eyeview with vivid imageries and comparison. For example: ‘rapid eyes’ hurried allabroad, looked prefer ‘frightened beads’ and also the way it ‘stirred’ the ‘velvet’head. I beg your pardon creates pictures in the reader’s psychic making a close snapshot of thebird in its uncomfortable zone.

With allthe minute details, she presents the reader to feeling the curiosity of thespeaker ~ above this specific scene in nature.

Beauty ofNature

The poetcelebrates the beauty beauty of nature using an element of nature, the bird. She showsthe beauty beauty of the bird in a natural setup and the gracefulness of the bird aswell as the perfect mutual combination of herbal elements.

Through thepresentation of the bird in its natural setting, the poet keeps the beauty beauty andwildness juxtaposed. For example: The bird walking under the walk favor a humanin a civilized manner and also all the sudden, eat an edge worm. Shocking the is!nevertheless, this is exposing the nature as it is. The is the true nature ofnatural world and also how it works. The reader needs to understand the wildnessbehind the beauty, beauty in the world of animals. V understanding, leader canexperience the actual beauty in nature. That is like: we adore the rose knowing thefact the there space thorns almost everywhere the tree and the stem – which create noharm to the beauty of the rose.

Through thebird, the poet reveals the the nature has its own form of grace and elegance.She contrasts lock with human being world and actions. For example: The bird iseasily having its meal and also having a sip the dew from a grass nearby. It is likea human being drinking wine in a glass in a comfortable chair. Further, the birdallowing a beetle to pass mirrors that birds additionally have some manners.

This closecontrast between the bird and human world adds beauty come the scene making thenatural civilization close and familiar to the human being of human. The poet appears urgingto display the elegance the nature showing just how it may be boasting that it is noless come the elegant in the people of human.

The behaviour of the bird in its uncomfortablezone as soon as someone is watching has actually created one more perspective the beauty come thepoem. The bird appears to it is in excited and restless as it is not in that comfortablezone. That is sit on the ground no in the sky. It is again a presentation ofthe nature in its real form. For example: The motion of the bird’s eyes andpersonified behaviour mixed with the beautiful appearance is a true visualpresentation which to add beauty to the poem.

The mostdazzling and also enchanting component comes in ~ the finish of the poem. It presents theperfect combination of the natural elements. Usage of compare and contrast oftwo natural settings: the sky and also the sea reflects the masterful use of indigenous byDickinson.

She hasused one inanimate and animate element, the boat and also the butterflies to present theperfect mix of herbal elements, i beg your pardon is an epos portrayal the beautyand charm in the organic world. Emily has actually used the smooth activity ofwater and also butterflies to display the union of the bird and also the sky. The bird’sflight to the sky creates no disturbance in the organic wold yet adds beautyand gracefulness.

Thus fromthis watch trivial incident, the poet appears to be telling us that it isunwise to interfere with Nature. Therefore, this is a city that mirrors moralsignificance, in a seemingly trivial incident.

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