Números reminder can transform cardinal number to word, ordinal numbers to word, spring or partitive numbers to word, multiplicative number to word, decimal number to word, roman inn numerals, collective numbers, variety of syllables, name of polygons and also polyhedra, ages and born. Reminder Numbers provides morphological, orthographic and also grammatical details of each of the number converted come word. In addition, instances that aid understanding and an excellent use room included.

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Write a number without comma or decimal point for the thousands or millions. You deserve to separate the thousands or millions v a blank space. In decimal, you can use a decimal point or a comma. Your can write fractions through the bar "/". In scientific notation, you can use the letter E there is no spaces. For roman inn numeral, you deserve to write in funding letter every symbols.

Números tip writes in letter an lot in euros, pesos or dollars, beneficial for checks and also official business. To convert euros, form a number in euros through the € prize or with the word euros after the quantity or price. To convert pesos or dollars, form a number in pesos or dollars v the $ symbol, before or ~ the number, or with words pesos or dólares ~ the amount or price. This money conversion in euros, pesos or dollars to letter is at this time only obtainable for Spanish, we space working to make the counter in other languages ​​and to various other currencies.

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Números pointer converts numbers written with figures to Spanish, English, Italian, German, and Chinese. Write the numbers in Spanish, English, Italian, German and also Chinese text. Chinese number can additionally be composed to translate into western numbers.

13289 53625999567 -345676

13 289 53 625 999 567 -345 676

12.58 45,78997 -47.2 -98,712

3/4 78/125 -3/4 78/-125

2,4E10 5E-3 -2,4E10 -5.23E-3


七百六十五 二千零三 二千四百零九

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