Its me again needing help! for this reason my new puppy Odin is 75% saint 25% newfoundland and he seems tiny! ns keep browsing google to see exactly how much he must weigh and according to what i uncovered he is very under weight. The turned 2 months old today and also when ns took him come the vet thursday he was only 13 pounds. A chart I found said he must 30! What size where your pups as soon as they were his age? I median he is a huge puppy contrasted to various other ones and also images of other saints his period looks around the very same size so im simply confused.. The vet no say noþeles either.

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Also how much need to I feed him? I offer him 2 meals a day and he only seems to eat around two cup a day. He never ever eats the much..

This is Odin:


I acquired my saint in ~ 10 weeks and also he to be 25lbs (was eventually between 180-190), but likewise your pup look at young, now as long as the is healthy and balanced you shouldn't worry yet if you room really involved you could take him to a vet to have him checked out

He walk the the vet and the vet didnt say anything around his weight. He just said "besides being component alligator that is perfectly healthy" Ive also heard the the size of the puppy has actually nothing to carry out with how big he will finish up being. Can you phone call me exactly how much girlfriend fed she at that age? Thanks!

Just like person puppies, dogs prosper in spurts. Our Saint's ears thrived first, and also the remainder of her didn't seem to want to grow for awhile. We were practically at the suggest of accusing the breeder of marketing us a hound! favor the other comments, if he's healthy, don't worry around it. Also, if you have actually these questions, ask your vet when you're there. You're paying because that the appointment, and also they can't review your mind. A good vet will certainly be happy to talk about your pet with you and also answer every one of your questions.

At 8 weeks my Saint sweet 14 lbs. That steadily got 4-5 lbs per week. The is 8 month old now and also weighs close to to 100LB if not more (I can't choose him approximately weigh him against my scale any longer!)

I fee the Diamond Naturals, and when we brought him home at 8 main we would certainly feed him double a day, one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening. We still feed him only twice a day however he gets 2.5 cup twice a day now. He has maintained a healthy weight since we gained him.

I obsessed about food and also weight as soon as we gained him. I assumed he was small (until now), yet we decided on the slow development method, where we feed him high-quality, reduced protein food for this reason he doesn't prosper too fast and also give his bones and also muscles a possibility to flourish steadily and strong.

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Hope the helps. If you have other inquiries I'd it is in glad come share what I've learned through my obsessiveness...