David request “Why am i pointing the rotor in the direction of the #6 plug once it’s #1 ~ above compression stroke and also should be firing ??? seems to me that should suggest towards #1 plug in cap !!!”Confusing, isn’t it. Let’s check out if we can make some sense of it.For end 40 years, Chevy followed the standard convention that ‘V’ engine distributor cap which relied on the an easy design of the firing order being determined by the location of the sparkplug wires in the proper tower the the cap. In many cases, this forced some wires to cross over or under other wires. This created some very ‘messy’ plug cable routing, and feasible ‘cross firing’.

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In 1996, along came the 4.3L V6, and the 5.7L V8 ‘Vortec’. Because this is the year emission regulate standards upgraded to ‘OBDII’ specifications, all engines had to incorporate a totally new set of ‘sensors’ or sending out units. The addition of these, necessitated significant modifications to the engine’s design. If they to be at it, Chevy determined to ‘clean up’ this wire routing mess and also totally ‘re-invent’ the distributor cap, together it had actually been well-known for decades. Ironically, this is the last style that supplied a distributor.

The ‘Vortec’ lid is draft in together a way as to neatly allow for the placement of the spark plug wires to attach as despite the shooting order was such the 4 plugs fire on the right and also 4 plugs fired ~ above the left. If you look very closely at the photos, friend will notice that castle didn’t change the shoot order, castle literally relocated the location of the spark plug cable tower that #’s 1 and also 4, top top the V6, and also #’s 2 and also 3 top top the V8. This actually creates one ‘across the cap’ firing; no a overcome fire, order.



This is why, as soon as installing the distributor in the V6, you aim the rotor reminder at the #6 mark on the distributor body. Very same goes for installing the V8 distributor, back this isn’t rather as confusing because the #8 mark is closer come the #1 cap tower, and doesn’t seem together counter-intuitive.


Two various other things to keep in mind. The distributor gear has ‘angled’ teeth. Together such, when you autumn in the distributor, turn the rotor, respond to clockwise around 30 levels in order for it to end up in the ideal place. Also, while doing this, the bottom that the distributor tower has, what is like a vast straight-slot driver that has to engage the oil pump driveshaft. It’s not unusual to need to turn the driveshaft in order to accept the distributor obelisk in the proper orientation.

To read part 1, click here: Chevy 4.3 & 5.7L Vortec Distributor Install, component 1

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Vale:Helpful blog and diagrams! Is this other an median person have the right to do, or would it help to have actually a bit of mechanically knowledge?
svfixer:Pretty directly forward task. Anyone can do it, however the likely hood the the average human being needing to execute it is negligible.
Tom:After act the setting to TDC ~ above compression punch and setting the distributor properly, carry out you still have do the 2000 rpm procedure ?
Larry Dorr:Well im from the old school and also was completely confused. Currently that ive read this i fully understand. Good lesson. Give thanks to you
Don Hedrick:Outstanding my friend. I have actually the 5.7 in my boat. Cane us go one step farther? how to remove and replace video camer position sensor? Engine will certainly fire and run for about 5 seconds, or less, and also then close up door down.
Runbry:I think this video clip was informative and, hopefully it is the missing piece to bring my 350 earlier to life, say thanks to you because that the insight
Jake:On the illustration reflecting the note on the shaft and the one ~ above the gear, if the mark isn’t on the distributor obelisk what carry out you recommend? ns was supposed to change one in a 2002 Chevy 4.3 PU now for a lady and noticed the doesn’t have a mark! The price is more than likely going to be obvious and also I’ll feel prefer a fool but if you don’t ask inquiries you can’t learn. Many thanks for the help and acquisition time to execute this to help people.
svfixer:I believe if you walk by the pictures that present the ‘lead’ place of the rotor before install, that will an outcome in the same.

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Darron:Hi I have a 86 chevy 4.3v 6. Ns can gain it to fire my lid has constantly been one dealing with front of motor at the 6oclock climate going clockwise 65432. What am ns doing wrong
Scott map 97 K1500:Do you usage any type of dielectric grease in the obd distributor? I simply cleaned whatever up and wanted to know prior to I placed it back together.
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