If you very own the 2014 Ford F-150 truck, you know it has one of the biggest engines and also most powerful performance packages in the full-size automobile lineup.

You probably additionally know the importance of putting only the right type and quantity of oil in that to maintain it properly.

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What is the oil type and capacity for the 2014 Ford F-150? 

Generally speaking, most of the engines in the Ford F-150 require at the very least 6 quarts that oil. This relies on the size of the engine. In addition to this, the oil type also changes based upon the vehicle’s engine. The most usual engine oil kind is 5W-30 for this vehicle. 

It’s vital to recognize what your automobile requires in regards to maintenance and oil additions. It is why we are going to failure this info a bit more fully. It’s crucial to use just the right species of oil in the vehicle and not come overfill it. For more insight, check out the 2014 Ford F-150’s car History.

Know around Your Ford’s Engine

The Ford F-150 has actually received a most attention end the years because that its powertrain, and with good reason.

This vehicle has been constructed for power for many years, and that’s why countless have purchase it. The engine requires oil come function.

If there is not enough oil present, or there is short oil quality, the does not work to remove as much of the warmth from the engine nor carry out enough lubrication to save the moving parts from touching each other. The creates a problem.

The bigger the engine is, the more oil it may require. Additionally, the manufacturer place in location very certain requirements for the kind of oil. This depends on the oil’s viscosity. The appropriate amount allows for the contents to job-related properly however not to be too thin to border movement.

For the Ford F-150 because that the 2014 version year, over there were four engines used across all of the trim models.

Those engines included:

3.7L (230 ci) Ti VCT 4V V6 engine5.0L (302.1 ci) 4V V8 engine3.5L (213 ci) 4 V EcoBoost V6 engine6.2L (379 ci) 2V V8 engine

These are outstanding engines. The base model, the 3.7L engine was able to produce 302 horsepower and 278 lb-ft. The greatest engine, the 6.2L V8, fight 411 horsepower and also 434 lb-ft.

All of the engine means there is a require for superior performance native the oil moving through it. The fuel economy for this year F-150 saw some improvements. The many energy-efficient model, by EPA estimates, was the 3.7L 6-speed engine. It to be able to accomplish 17 city and also 23 highway, or a merged 19 miles every gallon.

A lot of factors affect the engine’s performance. Oil is just one of them. If you carry out not have sufficient oil in the engine or you have actually oil the is old, sludgy, and also dirty, it will affect the in its entirety health that the engine. The can also decrease the fuel economic climate – and also let’s challenge it, the F-150 isn’t recognized to have exceptional numbers there either.

Also vital is the form of oil. When the dorn viscosity the oil is used, the oil does not do as that should and the oil loses the ability to gain into all materials of the engine. That method the engine is likely to operation at a greater temperature than it should. The also means reduced efficiency. It is why you require to get it right.

What kind of Oil does the 2014 Ford F-150 Require?


Each engine has a different requirement, according to the 2014 Ford F-150’s owner’s manual.

Here’s a malfunction of the oil form requirements.

3.7L Ti VCT 4V V6 engine calls for Motorcraft SAE 5W-20 engine oil5.0L 4V V8 engine requires Motorcraft SAE 5W-20 engine oil3.5L 4 V EcoBoost V6 engine needs Motorcraft SAE 5W-30 engine oil6.2L 2V V8 engine requires Motorcraft 5W-20 motor oil

There are other brands out there, and you may have actually a factor for using some other type. However, sticking v the references from the manufacturer has tendency to be important. It helps to ensure friend are preserving the recommended company to defend your warranty.

How lot Oil go the 2014 Ford F-150 Require?

The following question is how much oil perform you need. Together noted, not sufficient oil deserve to lead to wear and tear on the engine. The owner’s manual offers some particular requirements here:

3.7L Ti VCT 4V V6 engine needs 6 quarts the oil5.0L 4V V8 engine needs 7.7 quarts of oil3.5L 4 V EcoBoost V6 engine calls for 6 quarts of oil6.2L 2V V8 engine requires 7 quarts of oil

Getting the best amount of oil right into the automobile is important. Friend should additionally check the oil at least one time a month come ensure it is at the appropriate level. That helps safeguard the engine in in between oil changes.

It’s constantly important to know how much oil is in your vehicle. It’s easy to check this.

Here are the measures to follow:

Use the hood release by the gas and also brake pedal to open the hood. Open up the hood by recognize the bar under the Ford emblem ~ above the hood to open it.Locate the oil cap and the dipstick. These are located in the mid-section that the vehicle on the driver’s side.Find the dipstick. Traction it right forward to remove it. Wipe the clean.Notice the clues on the lower section of the dipstick. This is wherein you want the oil level come be.Replace the dipstick and also pull it the end again to check out this figure.

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How to maintain Your F-150

Knowing the you have a valuable truck, it’s crucial to carry out what you have the right to to preserve it. Continuing to be up to day on the vehicle’s maintenance means gathering insight about the care. To carry out that, examine the 2014 Ford F-150’s vehicle History.