6R80 6 speed Transmission Specs, Ratios

The Ford 6R80 is based upon on the ZF 6HP26 6 rate automatic transmission. Ford manufactures the transmission under patent from ZF at the Livonia infection Plant in Livonia, Michigan. The 6R80 is featured in 2009 to current Ford F-150 pickups. It features torque converter lockup capabilities in all 6 gears and also an integrated "Tow/Haul" setting for amplified engine braking and towing performance. Because that the 2011 version year, the transmission was revised to carry out smoother shifts, enhanced fuel economy, and also overall far better shift performance. Many notable that the renovations was the addition of a 1 way clutch that provided smoother 1-2 up-shifts and 2-1 down-shifts. The transmission has actually a fairly low 1st gear and also two overdrive gears, the highest of which is 0.69:1. This gives exceptional towing performance as soon as needed, while maximizing fuel economic climate by offering low engine speeds while cruising.

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Ford E4OD infection specs

The 6R80 deserve to be found behind the 3.7L V-6 all the way up to the 6.2L V-8. Ford has stated that when the infection is offered in multiple applications, each transmission is optimized and also integrated differently relying on the engine that is mated to. The 6R80 attributes "Filled because that Life" low viscosity man-made transmission fluid (MERCON LV), though a fluid flush is recommended at 150,000 mile if her truck falls under the category of "Severe Duty" operation. The transmission, as used in the Ford F-150, has actually a fluid capacity that 13.1 quarts and also weighs 215 lbs.

Ford 6R80 Transmission equipment Ratios








4.17 : 1

2.34 : 1

1.52 : 1

1.14 : 1

0.87 : 1

0.69 : 1

3.40 : 1

Ford 6R80 infection Specs


Ford 6R80 (ZF 6HP26)


6 rate overdrive automatic transmission

Production Plant:

Livonia infection Plant, Livonia, Michigan


Ford 4R75E


2009 - 2016 Ford F-150 (all engines) 2017 Ford F-150, every engines other than 3.5L EcoBoost 2018 Ford F-150, 3.3L V-6 just

Case Material:


Max intake Torque:

~ 590 lb-ft (800 n-m)


~ 215 lbs

ATF Type/Spec:


Motorcraft XT-10-QLVC

Fluid Capacity:

13 qts (U.S. Quarts)

Transmission Filter:

Motorcraft FT188

Service Intervals:

Replace infection fluid and also filter every 150,000 miles


• completely electronic push and transition controls

• 2 planetary gear sets attain 6 front speeds and reverse

• "Select Shift" complete manual transition future puts complete transmission manage in the driver"s hands