Considering our proclivity because that soft-top Jeeps, we were surprised at how sad us were to view it go. Not fairly selling-a-flatfender sad, yet sad nonetheless.

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In the year we had it, we regulated to rack up 42,105 miles on it towing, road-tripping, and also just seafaring the US. We made a coast-to-coast-to-coast run, us drove along the Pacific ocean from Mexico to Canada, us did a day-trip to Portland, Oregon, native Los Angeles, California, and also we make it to Moab 3 times in a year.

Don"t think for a 2nd that the Jeep to be babied, either. We ran trails with it, towed through it, and also drove it through snow that required lockers v our 35-inch tire shod TJ. If we had actually to guess, we"d say somewhere in the community of 30,000 the those miles was dragging an additional Jeep along on a dual-axle auto trailer behind the Grand. Every the while we were laughing at exactly how the cool got much better mileage towing a Jeep than the Jeep top top the trailer would obtain on that is own

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When world found the end it to be a diesel, they"d ask us, "What type of purpose of use did friend get?" Well, lengthy story short, if us would continue to be out that the skinny pedal, we"d acquire 22-23 mpg top top the highway, 16-17 mpg in LA city traffic, and also 16-17 mpg towing. At the time we believed nothing the it, its just the way it was. Currently that the grand is gone, we are pulling about 8 mpg less on the highway, and the more frequent fill-ups space a killer on long trips. Through the Grand, we"d clean 350 miles towing or 450 miles unloaded on a 20-gallon tank. V a consistent Jeep, we are lucky come see half that ~ above the same variety of gallons. Heck, even Mileage master only access time 350-400 on a tank, and also that"s about 23-24 gallons.

Mileage aside, to run 1,000 miles in a job for numerous days consecutively came to be a no-brainer, towing or not. Want to walk to Portland? Denver? Albuquerque? No problem and also no plane needed, either. Every one of the occasions Trasborg covered because the cool arrived were pushed to, also the east coastline ones.

If we favored it therefore much, why walk we provide it back? Well, we did whatever we can to cave on to it. Having actually made it end 40,000 miles with no significant issues, we obtained really curious to push 100,000 and also see just how well placed together this hoity-toity Jeep with the high-falutin" Mercedes-sourced diesel engine was. Would certainly we death the transmission with all the towing us were doing? Just how long does a collection of brake pads critical (we still had plenty that meat on our at 40K+)? will all the electrical doodads reason insurmountable problems down the road? will certainly the mix doors dice a horrible fatality like most other grand Cherokees? We could never know.

We really meant after all this abuse the we"d have tons that squeaks, rattles, creaks, and also groans. Over there is just so lot a unibody Jeep will put up with before flexing. However the job we gave it back it was as quiet and comfortable together the day we obtained it.

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See all 7 photos

The other question we acquire all the time is if we"d suggest this Jeep come others. Us would, but with a couple of qualifications. This is a good Jeep to usage as a day-to-day driver and weekend tow rig, but if you space looking come tow another Jeep all the time, girlfriend should obtain a more heavier vehicle. Us towed anywhere with this thing, however it to be a continuous battle in between balancing the trailer and paying attention to all at once trailer weights. V a rated tow capacity of 7,600lbs and also 376 ft-lbs of speak on tap, we weren"t concerned about the Jeep up and also going. However, the wheelbase doesn"t loan itself to hefty towed loads, and our trailer was a 1,500lb trailer, enabling up to 6,000lbs of Jeep. Countless car-hauling trailers are in the 2,000-2,500lb range, and that method you"d be towing in ~ max capacity v a Jeep decked the end for a weekend top top the trails. When towing more heavier loads, nearer to the max rated capacity, the Jeep go it with no inquiries asked. However, it would have felt far better and been an ext stable with either a weight-distributing hitch or add-on wait bags. The behind coils simply don"t manage tongue weight and also a heavier leaf-sprung tow rig.

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Overall, that is a great vehicle. Would we to win on it in the rocks? No, at least not the one we provided for everyday driver duties. Have we beat on a comparable diesel cool in the rocks? Yep, and also the Quadra-Drive does great. If we didn"t care about the $43,000 price, we"d develop one that these and also tow it to the trail through a stock one.

What 42,105 miles CostsIn the last installment, I broke down the very first 24,664 miles to figure out what this diesel Jeep to be costing me to run. In maintaining with the layout of this long-term test, below are the final numbers on ours WK.

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* price of 2,286.869 gallons the diesel fuel $7,544.88
* 6 situations of 5W-40 Amsoil European auto Formula Oil 669.60
* 6 Mann engine oil filters 76.14
* Napa air Filter 15.69
* Mopar air Filter 20.01
* 7 quarts that Amsoil Hydraulic Tractor liquid (transmission and also T-case) 56.00
* 5 quarts that Amsoil 75W-140 significant Gear excessive Pressure Lubricant 75.75
* Mopar infection filter (PN 52108325AA) 23.10
Total parts, fuel, and fluids (all expenses) $8,481.17
($.20/mile end 42,105 miles)

Real human being MileageThe sad point is that we"ve now acquired seven Jeeps that won"t see the type of usage they witnessed on a trailer behind the cool Cherokee. The nice thing is the we conserved a ton that money in gas by using a new Grand Cherokee together a tow rig for a whole year. Looking back on the year, below are some of the highs and lows of our fuel consumption.

* typical fuel economy for the year (mpg) 18.41
• Worst single Tank Fuel economy (towing an M-37 up a bunch that steep grades, mpg) 9.65
• finest Fuel economic situation (in convoy at 65 mph to run Interstate 5 southern from Portland, Oregon, mpg) 25.40
* Highest single Tank variety (miles) 494
(21.66 gallons come full, 22.8 mpg)