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honestly? more than likely nothing, most most likely nothing... Twenty years owning cars and I have yet come use manufacturing facility branded fluids(even when recommended/required), only liquid I carry out use the is somewhat factory is Petosin antifreeze in mine gti, exterior of that everything else is turn off the shelf from local auto components stores
All the fluids you deserve to put in your car are very similar from brand to brand. Using a different brand will certainly not hurt your vehicle. Friend may notice small differences, but since each manufactorer design the fluids because that one details job because that each fulid, over there can"t be alot of distinctions in design.Take engine oil together an example. 0W30 is drastically different from right 30 weight, however each 0W30 is virtually exactly the very same as every other 0W30, otherwise it would have various properties and wouldn"t be 0W30 anymore, it would certainly be directly 30 (or every little thing else it wake up to be). The very same is true for power stearing fluids and also tranny fluids and also just about all other fluids.


not as soon as u have an si with an electrical rack

Some that the different species of hydraulic fluids space incompatible through one another, or can damage certain types of seals, o-rings and such. For instance, blake liquid is certainly a kind of hydraulic liquid - but try running that in your power steering system and also watch what happens. ATF is hydraulic fluid (and provided in countless power steering systems), but shot putting it in your brake system and you will have no pedal when it boils. Part fluids when merged have an unfavorable chemical or electrochemical reactons the can reason corrosion & worse. Before you go willy nilly transforming fluids around, make sure the bases of the ingredient you room using will job-related in the application. Honda supplied to usage Mineral oil based power steering liquid (Not sure if this is quiet the case or not). This is not the same class of fluid as most other strength steering fluids, which is why it advises on the cap not to use non-mineral based fluids in the system. You could potentially swap the end the fluid to something rather after flushing the system, however you can"t simply go mix mineral oil liquid with the other stuff without an unfavorable effects. Hans
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