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I have a 2008 pontiac g6 automatic. I"ve never readjusted the fluid inside the transmission so ns would like to carry out that. Is there a drain nut and also fill nut? Or is it simply one nut the you drain and fill? also how plenty of quarts that oil does that take? and what kind of transmission oil execute I use? have the right to I use continuous oil? I"m certain theres a exactly how to instructional overview on how to carry out it however I can"t uncover it. Many thanks guys

Sadly this is in the not correct section... However to perform that you"ll have to remove the entire transmission pan. Then you can acquire to the filter and replace it and you can replace the pan. This will require around 7 quarts that dexron using fluid
Sadly this is in the dorn section... However to do that you"ll have to remove the entire transmission pan. Climate you can gain to the filter and replace it and you deserve to replace the pan. This will certainly require around 7 quarts the dexron through fluid
sorry ill try to number out exactly how to relocate it. IS there a thread that says how to do a DIY post, and where execute i obtain that type of oil?

It"s alright, the happens. I think only an admin can move it, i don"t think there"s a object on the G6 forums but I did discover this on the malibu forums: post whole run through.Dexron is obtainable at any auto components store, walmart even carries the cheap brand of that stuff. Enlarge GM transmissions usage Dexron III 2006 and also newer G6"s usage Dexron using (6)
A trans fluid adjust is in mine future shortly. OEM liquid has remained in for 6 years and also I"ve only put on 43K miles or so, but it"s mainly city driving. I"m walk to run the Amsoil ATF.It"s fairly a pain the all GM has is a little hole to to fill the ATF through.Cruisin thanks for the Malibu link.
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No problem! the does suck the fill hole is for this reason small, but a long thin funnel fits ideal in. Simply gotta to water slow and also give the air a chance to escape.I"m in reality planning a fluid readjust soon myself. However I"m going to stick to Dexron VI
I wanted to comment on the Malibu forum too, saying changing the fluid on ramps is no good. BAH to that. I do all mine fluid alters on ramps. $200 for trans service at the dealer - no thanks.
"11 ram SXT 4x4 quad cab - 5.7L V8; 128,200kms"09 Malibu 2Lt 3.6L - 140,000kms to buy 1 in march 2019"06 Pontiac G6 GT - 3.5L V6; 162,000kms (rear ended 15 Feb 2019, and also given totalled location by insurance)

I think the key reason is since you may not drain all the infectious diseases world fashion fluid possible when the car is increase on one angle choose that. Because that oil it makes sense yet for the trans ns would suggest jacking increase the rear finish so the vehicle is level. Its likewise integral for making sure its filled to the ideal level. As soon as you open up the bleeder screw its claimed to drainpipe until the trans fluid is at the right level. Having actually the vehicle on an edge could an outcome in over filling or under filling. And also I"m pretty certain its vital to have just the appropriate amount that fluid...
That"s correct. It was more of a safety facet on the other forums hence the factor I wanted to comment. I always drop the pan to drain the fluid anyway, however to fill it effectively is one more story.I have actually my own solid wood ramps that room 9" tall, 9" wide and 5" long. Relying on the organization it"s easier to background the rear on stands while using the ramps. Exciting how persons on the Malibu forum don"t seem come know just how to run a parking brake, allow alone it"s function on a vehicle. Together is the way of the world when automatics take it over...
"11 lamb SXT 4x4 quad cab - 5.7L V8; 128,200kms"09 Malibu 2Lt 3.6L - 140,000kms purchase 1 march 2019"06 Pontiac G6 GT - 3.5L V6; 162,000kms (rear finished 15 Feb 2019, and also given totalled title by insurance)

Makes sense, I mean a total pan fall on an angle shouldn"t create any kind of issues, it"s the darn fill procedure that i dislike. Sounds prefer you have a nice set of ramps, persons that also a lowered car can obtain up on!As for the E-brake I usage mine religiously. Every time ns park the auto I pull the brake, periodically If i"m wait in a heat or other I"ll just pop it right into neutral and pull the brake. I figure if you keep using it, that won"t get ruined by rust, and the one time you need it, it won"t job-related or will stick, to add I"m fairly certain that as soon as parked on a hill, letting the infection lock in park puts some extra stress and anxiety on the parking pawl in the trans, and on the motor/trans mounts.

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I was going to change mine end the summer. Just didn"t have the extra cash. I think a new transmission pan to be going to cost like $28 or something. Plus the fluid. Does royal Purple make the liquid we need? I have heard exorbitant things around it
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just tossing in my two cents. Once you autumn the pan nevertheless of what edge the vehicle is at you will certainly never drainpipe out all the fluid, yet i perform agree that the automobile needs to it is in level to fill. The liquid left in the TQ converter will certainly not drain. On these GM 4 rate transmissions it has actually been my suffer that friend will just get about 5 come 6 qt out once dropping the pan (I constantly measure old fluid to gain an idea on how much come put ago in). A complete flush is usually 7 to 9 qt depending on year model and also vin. When the dealer walk a trans fluid flush castle hook up the trans cooling lines to a machine and inject a cleaner right into the system and then pumps the end all old fluid (TQ converter included) and fills it with new. They never ever drop the pan or readjust filter uneven there is a leak. That is the only method in my knowledge to gain a finish fluid flush. The amsol and also royal purple is good stuff but unless you space doing a finish flush ns would simply stick through the Dexron VI. Just had the fluid adjusted out in my 07 Malibu the other day. Dealer claimed that there is a synthetic and also non-synthetic variation of Dexron VI. Non-synthetic to be 140 for a adjust and the fabricated was 180. They stated that the fluid type is dictated through vin. I usually say the doing the fluid once ever 60k will save her running good. Again this is just my opinion. Wishes that this helps. I have actually done many of alters on these transmissions and also i love dropping the pan. The garage floor looks like you just butchered some pets for dinner due to the fact that of every the red fluid.