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2005-2015 Nissan Frontier time Marks diagram (4.0L VQ40DE Engine) – The Frontier, the typical pickup of Nissan, was initially occurred for the north American market but was additionally released in Europe under the surname Nissan Navara. In Brazil, that debuted in the so late 1990s and also was the first product that Nissan being produced in the country, indigenous 2002, in Sao Jose dos Pinhais-PR. The brand-new Nissan Frontier has 2.5 turbo diesel engine and also 190 speech (172 hp compared to the 2008 to 2011 model), the model started to be created in Brazil in 2008.

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In 2005 Nissan has introduced a new power unit, the largest of the whole family VQ. With a boring of 95.5 mm and a punch of 92 mm, the unit VQ40DE get a displacement the 3954 cc. In practice, it is a variation elongated punch unit VQ35DE. As the flagship variation of the VQ family, this engine was built using the best technical refinements. It has been enhanced the change valve timing system, has been an installed an intake manifold of change geometry, the cylinder liners and also pistons have actually been amendment to mitigate friction and also the crankshaft has been made hole to reduce the mass.


Internal chain guideCamshaft sprocket (intake)Mating note (blue link)Mating note (punched)Secondary timing chain tensionerMating mark (copper link)Secondary time chainCamshaft sprocket (exhaust)Tensioner GuideWater pumpCrankshaft sprocketMating mark (notched)Primary timing chainSlack guidePrimary time chain tensionerMating note (backside)Crankshaft Key

Note: The figure above shows the relationship between the mating mark on every timing chain and that on the corresponding sprocket, through the contents installed. Mating marks in between a timing chain and also sprockets slip easily. Confirm all mating note positions repeatedly throughout the installation process.

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