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So ns am out trying to discover all the O2 Sensors on my Jeep. Ns am not certain if I have actually the 4 O2 Sensor collection up , or the two O2 Sensor set up. Ns am looking everywhere the manifold area / Header area and do no see any sensors. But Down by the main Cat, I check out one just before the Cat, and also one simply after the cat? does this typical I have actually only two? Or am i just not able to see the ones up by the headers?

What year? do you have actually the FSM?You can check if you have the 4 sensors through looking at the label attached come the underside of the hood through the driver. Check out the Emissions Conrtrol details — If it says California, you have actually 4 sensorsFor my `04 4.0L:
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If you have three cats, two tiny ones turn off the manifold and a key cat by the t-case skid climate you have actually 4 O2 sensors. 2000 california models, and all 2001-2006 are choose this.if you only have actually one cat through the t-case skid climate you have 2 O2 sensors. Only 97-99, and also some 2000"s are choose this.
Thanks because that the quick replies. The anwsers that best quick. There and no cats coming the end of the headers. The is a 2000 TJ. With only two O2 sensors appearently. Additionally one an ext question because I make a thread around O2 Sensors. Mine errors I have been gaining is the following:Does this simply mean the 2 O2 sensors room gone / faulted. What walk the heater circuit failure mean? that the fuse because that the sensor is gone together well? I just checked both O2 sensors , both cable connectors are all in tact , no damage. PO132 O2 SENSOR CIRCUIT HIGH VOLTS BANK1 SENSOR 1PO141 O2 SENSOR HEATER CIRCUIT malfunction BANK 1 SENSOR 2PO138 O2 SENSOR CIRCUIT HIGH VOLTS bank 1 SENS
There is a "heater" in the O2 Sensor. Just replace the O2 sensors. (you"ll need to re-set the OBDII code, or just wait a main or so because that it come re-set itself because that the examine engine irradiate to walk off)
Oxygen Sensor Heater Elements:The O2 sensor provides a positive Thermal Co-efficient (PTC) heater element. As temperature increases, resistance increases. At ambient temperatures roughly 70°F, the resistance that the heating aspect is around 4.5 ohms. Together the sensor’s temperature increases, resistance in the heater aspect increases. This permits the heater to preserve the optimum operating temperature of about 930°-1100°F (500°-600° C).

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return the sensors operate the same, there are physical differences, because of the setting that they run in, that store them from gift interchangeable. Maintaining correct sensor temperature at all times enables the system to enter into close up door loop procedure sooner. Also, it enables the system to continue to be in closed loop operation during periods of expanded idle. In closeup of the door Loop operation, the PCM monitors details O2 sensor input(s) together with other inputs, and also adjusts the injector pulse broad accordingly. Throughout Open Loop operation, the PCM ignores the O2 sensor input. The PCM adjusts injector pulse width based upon preprogrammed (fixed) values and also inputs from various other sensors.​