Just choose the object sez, I have an "06 Odyssey through over 120K miles that has literally never remained in the shop. I have done regular oil and also brakes and filters myself and also it’s always run great. But I’m reasoning I must keep it another 5 years so ns willing to put a few thousand into it to ensure the it will certainly make that that long in great fashion. Just wondering what would others would recommend if i were to need to prioritize. My an initial thought was timing belt, water pump and maybe the engine mounts due to the fact that there’s part vibration creeping in. Yet after that I’m stumped. Any suggestions to save this infant running come 200K? I have to note that I’ve provided this automobile to traction a trailer relatively regularly, but it doesn’t have a tow package, just a normal hitch setup.

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.Thanks,Bill in Arlington, VA

db4690 July 6, 2016, 4:25am #2

Have you ever before had the automatically transmission fluid serviced?

If not, you’ve already drastically shortened its life

Have you ever before had the valve lash adjusted? part Hondas are known to burn valves if you neglect them. For her information, girlfriend will never hear a chop valve . . .

The automatic transmission fluid and the time belt job have actually absolute priority

This is what I consider a time belt job:Timing beltany and also all idler pulleystiming belt tensionerfront crank sealcam sealsbalance column seal (if you have actually a balance shaft)water pump . . . Might also do it while the front cover’s offaccessory journey belts . . . You’re taking them off to gain to the time belt, anywaysthermostatetc.

Might too do spark plugs if you’re in ~ it . . . Probably method overdue through now

Since girlfriend tow, you should adhere to the severe organization maintenance schedule

andrewRA July 6, 2016, 4:25am #3

Change the timing belt/tensioner. The water pump have to be inspected too. Every those seals forgot it. Readjust the drive belt(s) you remove on the way.

Spark plugs should be adjusted and potentially have the valve clearance inspected. I would certainly high introduce a Honda/Acura versed mechanic(dealer or independent) below for the inspection.

The transmission fluid if never readjusted should be adjusted out 3x to totally remove out all the fluid. You have the right to actually DIY because its a drainpipe fill procedure nothing more.

Cavell July 6, 2016, 4:25am #4

Friend has same rig. His normal shop did time belt. No issues. 보다 he had actually them execute trans drainpipe on following service and also he said they yes, really complained around how hard it is come reach behind fill port. Honda put it in a awkward spot. But, ur shop may have no problems.

umair July 6, 2016, 4:25am #5

If you have actually serviced the vehicle by yourself and also nobody rather touched the I think your auto would it is in in tiptop condition. The difficulty is that if you obtain it serviced in a garage or fix shop they constantly mess other up. Sometimes they will certainly overfill, store something loose, or forget something. So once you have actually that company done walk to a trusted place or skilled place. Occasionally they carry out a 50-50 job. However if you find a an excellent place castle will carry out good.

Docnick July 6, 2016, 4:25am #6

Good answer all! Normally, if ns inherited together a vehicle I would tackle the timing belt, tensioner and also water pump first. ~ that an altering the coolant and checking because that leaks, checking all hoses, while likewise replacing the serpentine journey belt. Oil and filter changes are a given, following would be a transmission liquid change, using just Honda fluid.

I would check the brakes yet take my time an altering the fluid. Spark plugs and also an ignition examine are in order together well. Plugs must be replaced.

While steering on highways i would very closely watch every the gages for any type of abnormality.

It’s a credit transaction to Honda that this car still runs fine after gift neglected because that so long!!

jesmed1 July 6, 2016, 4:25am #7

These Odyssey transmissions space weak to start with, and also as db4690 said, that may already have been severely impaired by lack of service.

And, wow, you’ve provided this thing to tow? you’ll be happy if the tranny doesn’t blow up tomorrow.

Get that serviced with Honda fluid. Don’t let anyone execute a transmission “flush.” Drain and also fill using only Honda fluid.

ice July 6, 2016, 4:25am #8

Yep, high on my list would be transmission organization which should be done every 30K top top a Honda. Plugs, wires, time belt and also all that goes together with that, yet maybe before spending all the money, you can want come look at trading it.

Wrmerkel July 6, 2016, 4:25am #9

These are an excellent suggestions, and thanks to every who’ve sweet in. I have done all job-related that has actually been done myself, and also I should mention I’ve done numerous coolant changes, brake pads numerous times, rotors once, plugs and wires once. Ns going to see around the tranny fluid adjust as that’s the one point I’ve no done before and also seems favor a agreement item here. Timing belt, water pump I’ll leaving to my trusty shop.

This Honda had been just good to me, and also I admit to being conditioned by the good treatment Hondas constantly give me. My very first real automobile was an "87 civic Si, bought new, that had 253,000 mile on it when it to be stolen. Then had a "96 Accord the hit 200k prior to a burgeoning family forced me into a van. Neither of those cars offered me a moment’s trouble. Hmmm, wonder what okay buy next?

Thanks everyone!

jesmed1 July 6, 2016, 4:25am #10

Honda has actually made a many of an excellent stuff, yet the Odyssey transmission isn’t on the list. Did you do it been lucky so far, and also you can want to start conserving for a merganser day.

George_San_Jose1 July 6, 2016, 4:25am #11

Good for you. My suggestion is to follow what the owner’s hand-operated says as much as what needs routine service, and also when. My 20 year old/200K Corolla has actually never been in a shop either. I’m just a driveway diy’er, done every the oil changes, brakes, cooling system, regime service/replacement the transmission and also other fluids. Also I’ve serviced the CV joints, changed the time belt, changed the radiator, resolved the starter motor, a few misc electrical fixes. Next up for me is the valve clearance and also replacing the fuel filter.

Tester July 6, 2016, 4:26am #12

If you plan on law a valve lash convey on your Corolla, you’ll need this valve lash shim kit along with the two tools on the reduced left the the page.


Amazon.com: ContiTech Valve readjust Shim Kit: Automotive

CRP Valve change Shim Kit; 1984 Volvo DL, Canada; 1984 Volvo GLE, Canada; 1990-1993 Volvo 240; 1976-1980 Volvo 242, L4 2.1L Eng:B21F; 1981-1984 Volvo 242; 1976-1982 Volvo 244, L4 2.1L Eng:B21F; 1982-1 ...


George_San_Jose1 July 6, 2016, 4:26am #13

Thanks because that the details
Tester. Ns approaching this from a positive point of view, hopefully no shims must be changed. In which instance no devices are forced other 보다 the measuring gauges, i beg your pardon I currently have a set. Native what i hear tell from the folks here, a no-shim-required result is unlikely. Still, i’m knocking top top wood. On mine old VW Rabbit, I confirm the valve clearance every 30 K, 5 times, up v 150K the use, and never had actually to change any that the shims.

Tester July 6, 2016, 4:26am #14


Then why bother with the valve lash examine if you don’t have actually the shims and also tools top top hand to correct the valve lash?


George_San_Jose1 July 6, 2016, 4:26am #15

hmm … well, what I’m thinking is I can take off the valve covers, execute the measurements, climate if I should re-shim I’ll usage my Ford truck till I deserve to gain accessibility to the suitable tools.

Tester July 6, 2016, 4:26am #16

Just journey the auto George.

My 95 Camry make it to 250,000 miles without ever adjusting the valve lash.

The just reason it checked out the scrap garden was due to the fact that the point was so rusted out it to be unsafe to drive.


Gary_P July 6, 2016, 4:26am #17

I save hearing to just use Honda ATF. Why. All manufactures are required by federal regulation to permit other fluids that accomplish their specifications to it is in used and meet all warranty requirements. It seems that a artificial ATF oil would perform far better than a standard ATF… that is true that changing the ATF fuid is as an essential as changing the engine oil. The price of repairing either one is the same. On optimal of that towing is considered severe company on the engine and the transmission. In 2006 the Odyssey is rated because that trailer towing just if the compelled coolers are added - something lock did no tell me as soon as I to buy the car.

jesmed1 July 6, 2016, 4:26am #18

If you desire to use a different fluid friend can select to execute so, but read this first, then pick your poison:


Recommend Trans liquid that meets Honda ATF-Z1 | ATF, Differential, Trans,...

What turn off the shelf artificial Transmission liquid would you introduce in lieu of making use of Honda ATF-Z1? i was reasoning of using Mobil 1?


What"s for this reason special about the Honda ATF - Z1 ? | ATF, Differential, Trans, Brakes,...

Hi, I have seen the it is virtually always recommended to usage the Honda actual ATF just for the Honda automatically transmissions. What is for this reason special about that ATF-Z1 ? (or Z2?) any kind of other oils that room as an excellent as or even much better than the honda atf ? ...

See more: Number Of Valence Electrons In Calcium (Ca), Calcium Valence Electrons

George_San_Jose1 July 6, 2016, 4:26am #19

re: “Just journey the car, forget about valve lash” …
Tester … good advice, absolutely would have worked on mine VW Rabbit, but for the Corolla my an inspiration is one emissions problem. The engine runs just fine together it is. However the Corolla just barely passed the HC component of the emissions test critical time, and also the next test is early soon. I have heard that improper valve clearance can result in higher than typical HC’s. For this reason I want to acquire a heads-up ~ above the valve clearance prior to taking the test.

Wrmerkel July 6, 2016, 4:26am #20

Update: bespeak a bunch the Honda DW-1 ATF today, gonna do the job this weekend if weather allows. Simply a couple of heaviness changes, nothing fancy. Can not wait to check out what I’ll uncover on the chip detector. I’ll post ago afterwards. Many thanks everyone!

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