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Yesterday while ns was driving, the inspect engine light came on. The day before I had cleaned the throttle body and put it ago on. I hooked everything back up the means it was before I take it it off and went for a small drive, everything was fine. Today, the light was still on so i turned the an essential from turn off to on five times, the inspect engine irradiate blinked 11 times. Anyone have a clue as to what this means?

did you execute it this way?Retrieving codes (2005-2010 cool Cherokee): Insert and turn the ignition crucial from "Off" come "On" three times, moderately fast and without pausing ("ON" is as soon as the digital odometer displays): Tip: usage the "count come 5" method, where "1" is the first "On": Off > top top > off > ~ above > turn off > on 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 - Insert crucial (Off)1 - On2 - Off3 - On4 - Off5 - On in ~ the third "On" the odometer screen will check out "DTC REPORT" and list the codes. If no password are present the post "Done" will appear.

If the irradiate is flashing, severe catalytic converter damage and also power lose will soon occur. Immediate service is required.

I think the ment the vehicle was off (failed attempt at the key dance) the flashing mil through the vehicle OFF is just telling you not all the OBDII monitors have actually run, and if the doing that while the automobile is on well then read the red over ^^^
I think that ment the car was off (failed attempt at the crucial dance) the flashing mil through the automobile OFF is simply telling you not all the OBDII monitors have actually run, and if its doing it while the vehicle is on well then review the red above ^^^
Yeah, many thanks for explaining. The vehicle was off and also I couldn"t obtain it to work. I finally got it and also it provided me P0507(Idle regulate System RPM greater Than Expected)That"s every it provided me, and said done. What"s this mean?
Like it sounds, the vehicle is idling higher than it must (or than the computer requested).Try unplugging the battery because that 20min, and then plug it ago in...see if the password comes earlier - it is conceivable the computer system has to re-adapt to the cleaner TB. Unplugging the battery will certainly wipe the previously learned metrics.If that doesn"t work, you must check:Vacuum leak, or a leak at the throttle body - make sure whatever went with each other nice and tight.Other common reasons are EGR valve, PCV valve,and the EVAP system...but I suspect the time would point to one of two people a leak like stated above, or a damaged accelerator body itself.Hopefully, re-setting the computer system will do the trick!

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Well, I got it every cleared. Ns drove it around for a small bit and also then unplugged the battery because that a bit while i shoveled. The engine light disappeared and my car is happy again. Thanks guys!!
After cleaning the TB, the idle is higher since all the gunk is eliminated from the throttle plate area, and also it litter the code for high idle. Very same thing occurred to me; she have to run a whole lot much better now, eh ? put on a CC and also that will save it nice and also clean too.
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