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Just bought a brand-new truck and can"t seem to number out how to remove the door panels to replace speakers. Deserve to someone offer me a hand appropriate quick?? Thanks
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05s the grills should simply pop off and the speakers room behind that...don"t have to take the panels off. But if you execute want to take it the dashboard off, you have to remove the speaker first.
Look best behind your door handle. There is a small plastic cover. Pry that out and behind that there space two bolts to remove. In ~ the an extremely bottom the the dashboard there room two small screws. Remove these. On her armrest where the window buttons are, that plastic item is snapped right into place. Just very closely insert a thin screwdriver and also pop it off. Disconnect the plugs native the back when it"s free. The door panel is hosted on through fingers the slot right into holes in the door. You must lift up on the dashboard to clear the holes. Execute not pry exterior on the panel together the tabs will certainly break. When the panel is complimentary pop the door take care of out by rapping it v your hand indigenous behind , together it has a tiny snap clip holding the in. Expect this helps.

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The vault poster is correct about the grill in the door panel. It will pop out and the speakers room behind it. I"m pretty certain you don"t have to remove the speaker to elevator the door panels though. Ns hope this help in case you want to remove the panel because that sound deadening, or modification. You may need to really tug on the panel the first time friend remove.
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