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I have A 2003 dodge ram.I went to auto zone and also they pulled up the password for the negative sensorThe truck will certainly start and run, yet if girlfriend trun it off , It will take around 1 to 2 hrs to begin again.I require to know the place of this sensor.Thanks ALABAMAJOE
Downloading the hand-operated is finest as in-depth above. Place of the Camshaft position Sensor additionally depends what engine you have actually in your truck. If you still need help what motor execute you have?
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NEW project1966 Chevrolet Belair SLEEPER project

NEW project1966 Chevrolet Belair SLEEPER project
No, the oil filter is ~ above the left side (drivers side.) The camer position sensor is under the appropriate side (passenger side) cylinder head pointing directly down, simply as slammed1 posted.
Thanks ns have discovered it and also replaced it and also took it on check drive.Glade come report it is ran out fine.Thanks to every that assist me.
Thanks i have found it and replaced it and also took the on check drive.Glade to report that is ran the end fine.Thanks come that aid me.
The Prob. I had actually was: :rck: No ns did not do any type of thing come the truck, It just started this the various other day.1 - I might start only if the engine to be cold2 - If the was hot I had 1 to 2 hrs before I could start that again3 - If ns steeped top top the gas that would cut out. ( spit and also sputter )I found the Prob. By turning the crucial switch on and of 3 time and read the password ( P0344 ) CAMSHAFT place SENSOR
. Thank to every the details I uncovered on this website :gr_patrio :gr_patrio :gr_patrio

No, the oil filter is top top the left next (drivers side.) The electronic came position sensor is under the appropriate side (passenger side) cylinder head pointing directly down, just as slammed1 posted.

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When I read the reply ns ASSUMED he meant "oil filler" so i was hoping we were on the very same page.Glad you obtained the difficulty fixed,lets expect it was the ideal diagnosis.
NEW project1966 Chevrolet Belair SLEEPER project
I"ve gained a buddy v a 4.7 truck who demands a video camer sensor, is the sensor difficult to gain to? about how long did it take it you?
Cam shaft sensor
Got mine sensor in ~ AutoZone foe about 20 bucksInstalled in much less then 5 minSensor Location:If you space looking in ~ the former of the motor:Look to your left under the motor all the way under.I obtained to my with out Jacking the van ~ above my ago and looked up and their the was.I belive it was a 1/2" wranch.Easy come install.If you need assist I will certainly be here
I"m assuming the password will eventually clear itself?, Or is there a method to clear a code on these trucks without making use of a scan tool?
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