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Any one have any kind of info on replacing heater fan resistor load ? changed the fuse an heater fan still not functioning . HELLLLLLLP

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This is indigenous the 2004 manual and also it have to be the same in the 2005.2004 Chrysler Pacifica Heater fan Resistor/Power ModulePOWER MODULEDESCRIPTIONA blower strength module is offered on this model. (Fig.19). The blower strength module is installed in amounting feet in the evaporator housing, directlybehind the gloves box opened of the instrumentpanel. The module is composed of a molded plasticmounting plate with two integral connector receptacles.Concealed behind the mounting plate in ~ theevaporator housing is the strength module electroniccircuitry and also a big finned, warmth sink. The modulemounting bowl is secured with two screws come theevaporator housing and also is accessed for service byrolling under the gloves box native the instrumentpanel.The power module warmth sink will gain hot as soon as inuse. Perform not touch the heat sink if the blower motorhas been running. The blower strength module cannotbe changed or repaired and, if faulty or damaged, itmust be replaced.OPERATIONThe blower strength module is linked to the vehicleelectrical device through a specialized lead andconnector native the instrument panel wire harness. Asecond connector receptacle receives a cable lead connectorfrom the blower motor. The blower power moduleallows the microprocessor-based AutomaticTemperature manage (ATC) heater-A/C manage moduleto calculation and administer infinitely change blowermotor speed based upon ATC programming whichuses a Pulse width Modulated (PWM) circuit strategy.The PWM voltage is applied to a comparator circuitwhich compare the PWM signal voltage to theblower engine feedback voltage. The resulting outputdrives the strength module circuitry, i beg your pardon adjusts thevoltage output obtained from the blower engine relayto readjust or keep the desired blower speed. Theblower strength module is diagnosed utilizing a DRBIIItscan tool. Describe Body Diagnostic Procedures.REMOVALWARNING: ~ above VEHICLES EQUIPPED v AIRBAGS,DISABLE THE AIRBAG system BEFOREATTEMPTING any type of STEERING WHEEL, STEERINGCOLUMN, OR INSTRUMENT dashboard COMPONENTDIAGNOSIS OR SERVICE. DISCONNECT and ISOLATETHE BATTERY negative (GROUND) CABLE,THEN WAIT two MINUTES for THE AIRBAG SYSTEMCAPACITOR come DISCHARGE prior to PERFORMINGFURTHER DIAGNOSIS OR SERVICE. THISIS THE only SURE method TO DISABLE THE AIRBAGSYSTEM. Failure TO take THE suitable PRECAUTIONSCOULD result IN accidental AIRBAGDEPLOYMENT AND feasible PERSONALINJURY.(1) Disconnect and also isolate the battery negativecable.(2) open up the glove box.(3) Flex both political parties of the glove box bin inwardnear the optimal far enough for the rubber gloves box stopbumpers to clear the political parties of the glove box opening,then role the gloves box downward.(4) Reach v the gloves box opening to accessand disconnect the tool panel cable harnessconnector because that the strength module native the module connectorreceptacle.(5) Reach with the gloves box opening to accessand disconnect the blower motor cable harness connectorfrom the power module connector receptacle.(6) eliminate the two screws the secure the powermodule to the evaporator housing.(7) remove the strength module from the evaporatorhousing.INSTALLATIONWARNING: on VEHICLES EQUIPPED through AIRBAGS,DISABLE THE AIRBAG SYSTEM prior to ATTEMPTINGANY STEERING WHEEL, STEERING COLUMN, ORINSTRUMENT panel COMPONENT DIAGNOSIS ORSERVICE. DISCONNECT and ISOLATE THE BATTERYNEGATIVE (GROUND) CABLE, climate WAIT 2 MINUTESFOR THE AIRBAG device CAPACITOR to DISCHARGEBEFORE PERFORMING FURTHERDIAGNOSIS OR SERVICE. THIS IS THE only SUREWAY to DISABLE THE AIRBAG SYSTEM. Failure TOTAKE THE appropriate PRECAUTIONS can RESULTIN inadvertently AIRBAG DEPLOYMENT and POSSIBLEPERSONAL INJURY.(1) position the power module into the evaporatorhousing.(2) Install and tighten the 2 screws the securethe strength module come the evaporator housing. Tightenthe screws to 2 N•m (17 in. Lbs.).(3) Reconnect the blower motor cable harness connectorto the strength module connector receptacle.(4) Reconnect the instrument panel cable harnessconnector because that the strength module come the module connectorreceptacle.(5) Flex both sides of the glove box bin inwardnear the peak far enough for the rubber glove box stopbumpers to clean the political parties of the gloves box opening,then role the gloves box upward.(6) Close and latch the gloves box.(7) Reconnect the battery an adverse cable.