My auto is a 6 cylinder, front wheel drive, automatic through 92,500 miles. I watch where the dipstick is, however there is a the majority of wires and also other obstacles blocking it. The just thing I deserve to think that is putting a jack underneath the transmission and removing the infection mount. My inquiry is will this work and not damage the the transmission? Is there an simpler way? My automobile has the 3.4L engine.

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hello chasjernigan, Welcome come cg-tower.comTRANS-AXLE fluid REPLACEMENT remove PROCEDURE Raise and also support the vehicle.Remove the drain plug and drain fluid. Allow at least five minutes because that the fluid to drainpipe completely. Remove the gasket native the drainpipe plug and discard.INSTALLATION PROCEDURE: download the new gasket top top the drainpipe plug. NOTICE: refer to Component Fastener Tightening notification in Cautions and Notices.Install the drain plug. TIGHTEN drain plug to 40 Nm (30 lb ft) do sure car is level. IMPORTANT: Dexron III automatic transmission fluid is no compatible v this trans-axle. If Dexron III ATF is used, trans-axle failure will certainly result. This trans-axle provides GM T-IV fluid P/N 88900925.Remove the fluid level indicator located behind the front trans-axle mount.NOTICE: carry out not remove the 3rd gear anchor band bolt situated on height of the infection for checking liquid or adding fluid. Removing the bolt will certainly dislocate inner components and also require the transmission to be eliminated from the vehicle and also disassembled for repair.Add around 3.1L (3.3 quart) the GM T-IV fluid to the trans-axle, making use of the liquid level indicator location. IMPORTANT: If the examine is essential at a short oil temperature the 30 -40 C (86 -104 F), perform inspect using the "COLD" selection on the level gauge. However, the fluid must it is in re-checked in ~ the ideal fluid temperature.Start engine and operate vehicle until trans-axle fluid temperature will 60 -70 C (140 -158 F). Apply parking brake. Depress brake pedal and move change lever slowly through all equipment ranges native park (P) to low (liter), pausing for about three seconds in every range. Return transition lever to park (P) range at idle condition. Traction level gauge the end again and also check if liquid level is in ~ the "HOT" range. If fluid is not within the exactly level, adjust accordingly: If fluid is listed below the "HOT" range, include enough to carry it as much as the correct level.

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If liquid is over "HOT" range, drainpipe excess fluid. Download the fluid level indicator.Cheers!