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Hi, I have actually a 2001 Sienna. I need to gain the spare tire out, yet don"t know how. The preventive is situated under the car, close to the behind bumper. Ns don"t have actually a manual. :ugh3:
Hi, I have a 2001 Sienna. I require to get the spare tire out, but don"t know how. The preventive is situated under the car, near the behind bumper. I don"t have actually a manual. :ugh3:
The lug wrench is in the ideal side compartment. Acquire that and also look under the very rearmost floor mat, you should see a carpet flap, background it and also place the lug wrench on the bolt head girlfriend will watch there. Climate crank the out... This will lower the bracket the holds the rear finish of the spare tires rack. Once you get it low sufficient you have the right to unclip the rack and it will certainly hinge downward allowing you to remove the preventive tire.pcgeek

Hi,I have a 2001 Sienna. I require to obtain the spare tire out, yet don"t recognize how. The preventive is located under the car, close to the rear bumper. I don"t have a manual. :ugh3:

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Hi buddy. The an extremely very very very first thing you should do is CHECK.... CHECK... CHECK... To watch IF YOU also HAVE A preventive TIRE! U have the right to NOT anxiety THIS ENOUGH. Countless OWNERS automatically ASSUME their VEHICLES space EQUIPPED with SPARE TIRES and THEY AREN"T. The easiest and also most simplest method to confirm if in truth your automobile is equipped through a spare tire is to check. The first to check is ~ above the driver next door panel. Every vehicle it"s equipped v a Yellow and White Placard that contains your vehicle"s tires sizes and recommended tires pressures. If your vehicle is in fact equipped with a spare tire, on this placard, it"ll state what the spare tires dimension is and also recommended air press for the tire. If your auto ISN"T EQUIPPED with a spare tire, that same inserted will read NONE. That"s the EASIEST way to uncover out if you have actually a preventive tire. If it claims None, don"t also bother looking further. Many Sienna"s space equipped through Run level Tires and also some aren"t. Don"t really know why. But... If friend do have a spare here"s what"s next: first what you"ll must do is situate the spare tires tools. They"ll be located in the behind of the automobile on the passenger side. (Near your cargo area). They"ll be a little compartment covered by a plastic cover. You"ll recognize when you"ve located it together it will have the spare tire tool symbol ~ above it. As soon as you"ve situated the tools. Open the passenger next sliding door. Make certain the front passenger seat is moved all the means forward and also the earlier seat, changed all the way back. (As much as possible. You"ll need the extra room.)On the floor board, behind the prior passenger seat however in prior of the rear passenger seat, situate a tiny "U-SHAPE CUT" in the floor carpet. Gradually pull ago the carpet in this area. Once fully exposed, you"ll find a hex type bolt fitting. Now... Thre tools you"ve eliminated from the rear cargo compartment, it should"ve had a silver type socket v a loop over the optimal - item in there. You"ll use that silver- socket over height of the hex shaped bolt in the floorboard. You"ll climate take the continuing to be tools and also use the to reduced the tire. One device will have what looks favor a hook ~ above the one end of it. Thread the hook like tool with the eye that the sliver hex bolt. With the various other tools connected you"ll turn respond to clockwise. You"ll revolve this for quite some time. Don"t just stop as soon as the tire hits the ground. Continue transforming for an additional 6-8 times. The spare tires is top top a cable. And you"ll need enough slack in the cable to have the ability to feed the center tire holder ago through the facility of the wheel come gain accessibility to the tire. When you"ve recall the preventive tire, execute ATTEMPT TO ar THE level TIRE IN THE exact same PLACE. The won"t fit. Therefore don"t shot it. Instead you"ll have to coil the spare tire cable ago up. So rotate the tool clockwise until it stops. Make sure to coil this back up otherwise it"ll traction the ground till you shed it or till you coil the back. Any questions ns at