Have you to be warned about a brake light trouble in your Cherokee? here are procedures to take it to determine the problem and fix it.

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This article uses to the Jeep cool Cherokee WJ (1999-2004).

You may have been alerted about tail and brake light problems by the police, or a friend complying with you somewhere. Maybe the appropriate light comes on, but the left irradiate doesn’t, or both lights go out once you touch the brakes with the pedal; you can have been alerted through the “Rear desk lamp Failure” warning on your dashboard.

You’ll probably be able to fix this problem yourself, yet there’s a couple of causes for the problem that you may need to examine. It could mean replacing a component or a module in the lighting device in your Jeep grand Cherokee WJ.


Materials NeededSmall level head screwdriverPliersReplacement parts

Step 1 – check for corrosion in the sockets and also wire chassis

One usual problem is the the electrical return path is clogged by corrosion in the sockets or the wire/chassis connection. Start by removing her brake irradiate cover and also then removed the bulbs. You could find that corrosion has made the connection negative or cut it off completely.

Take a near look in ~ the typical wiring between the lights; they might share an electric return path. Make certain the wiring relationships are working, particularly the chassis/return wiring; corrosion may be bring about the problem.

Figure 1. Begin by removing her brake irradiate covers and then removing the bulbs.
Pro Tip

Clean corrosion out of pear sockets and also then cover lock with electric grease.

Step 2 – Look at fuses and also know the circuit board

You may have a short in the circuit, or it could be a fuse that requirements replacing. Check the fuse diagrams. Inspect to view of among the fuses has popped.

You’ll an alert that over there is a circuit board in one of the behind tail irradiate assemblies that will periodically fail and cause a couple of problems. That circuit board falls short inside the light assembly. If that’s the situation the just solution you have is to replace the assembly.

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Step 3 – Make certain the wiring is working

Start through prying the prongs up in her tail light real estate where the pear sockets twisted in to make certain they have actually a an excellent contact. Make sure the wires in the plug attached to the tail light real estate are totally connected to the plug.Test the strength wire that’s running the tail light. Use a check light and have somebody hit the brakes. If it lamp up and passes the test, it could be grounding or light housing.Next, you’ll want to inspect the flasher relay under the dash that can be broken, i m sorry is usually caused by hairline cracks in the soldering. Re-soldering them might take care of the problem.If these techniques don’t deal with the problem, you need to look at replacing the tail irradiate housing. The circuit plank on the inside will eventually crack and fail to work, so the real estate needs to it is in replaced. The rotate signal switch can also be broken and also cause problems with the revolve light, for this reason that have to be checked, too.

Step 4 – check the socket

It might be that your socket has melted out and needs to be replaced. Those typically run for about $2 in ~ a retail auto store favor O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Make certain the socket is connected, and also check to check out if the soil is still good. An additional thing to check for is to make sure that the bulb socket has actually been put in the correct position. You could have gone to a garage where a company technician placed it in the wrong way.

Figure 2. You have the right to replace a tail irradiate socket for about $2 indigenous a retail auto store.
Pro Tip

While the socket may be the problem, it could be as straightforward as instead of the irradiate bulb. If it"s to be a while due to the fact that your bulbs were replaced, it could be a an excellent idea to change them. Even though castle can show up to be in great working order, they have the right to still periodically be faulty.

Step 5 – examine to check out if the light pear is overheating

Heat indigenous the light bulb can be causing the problem. To test it out, begin by removing the light assembly prefer you to be going to change the bulb. Of course, start by spring to watch that the bulb hasn’t shed out.

Turn the socket to check out the assembly, and also look because that three flat chrome colored contacts. The one at the top by itself is the ground. Plastic about the ground call may have actually shrunk, causing the contact to pull far from the socket and cut turn off the power. Then, use a small flat head screwdriver to tenderness pry up the contact so the it continues to be slightly increase by itself.

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Figure 3. Warm from the tail light bulb might be bring about the problem.

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