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Does anyone understand if this is very difficult to perform or is easily accessed? I"m not much of a mechanic yet can uncover my method around a this something I have the right to do? Appreciate any kind of help....Thanks....

i"ve changed the fuel filter in mine 97 altima, and also it was among the easier jobs to do. Yours will be a little bit different, however i think its much easier than changing need to depressurize the fuel system. Begin the car, climate pull the fuel pump fuse. That still leaks a little of fuel as soon as you undo the fuel lines, so keep some rags and a little container under the filter to capture the gas. it back near the tank or under the hood? ns assume it"s the the exterior filter variety? it ago near the tank or under the hood? ns assume it"s of the external filter variety?
last i checked the 2002 and also up altima"s didn"t have a fuel filter. The filter is a display screen at the suction of the fuel pump in the tank. Ns repeat it is not a serviceable part, for this reason make sure you put great gas in her car.
i simply read the last reply, so i checked on one more nissan site. Ns think nexenrod is right. There is no fuel filter on her car. Just a screen. However, i additionally read about a recall because that the display in canada. It stated something about the possibility of ice crystals developing on the screen and also blocking the fuel flow. This was in areas experiencing "extreme" cold, so if thats you, you might want to check with nissan.
93 Altima"s Fuel Filter is situated on the fire wall surface almost in the center of the chauffeurs side . The is very easy to replace, part cost about 10.25 in ~ auto components store choose up directory on an altering fuel pump. Make certain you relive pressure in fuel line by beginning car and then traction the fuel pump fuse , located near battery (its marked) then usage screw driver come loosen hose clamps and install the brand-new one, ns did this once without relieving pressure , and also had a much bigger mess than by relieving pressure. Hope this helps.......
yes, Nissan phibìc America recalled every 2002-2003 Altima about the fuel filter/screen. Friend can examine the dealership.

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