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My wife was walking to work-related this morning and the auto wouldn;t start. The theft light to be blinking and she put the ignition come the ON position for 10 minutes till it stopped blinking. The vehicle turned over and she made that to occupational fine. She was on her method home from work today and also she acquired into the car. The car started fine and also she visited drive away and the power steering stopped working and the automobile died. The theft irradiate is no longer flashing and she tried come reset the theft sytem yet had no success. Any kind of ideas? She was utilizing a copied key and i am hope the original key will reset the theft system.
Is the THEFT SYSTEM light on in ~ all? If not, it"s not a Passlock problem. It sounds favor the sequence would"ve to be the engine dying complied with by the ns of steering assist, and also not the other means around. If anything, the sounds favor an electrical problem like a negative battery or loosened battery cables.
The theft irradiate is on but not blinking favor it generally does when it goes into theft mode. She disconnected the battery and also its turning over favor it usually would.
Let me acquire this straight. The battery to be disconnected and then reconnected after the the car died. Presently the THEFT SYSTEM light is on. When she turns the key (the replicated one), the engine turns over however doesn"t start. Is that it?
Okay, i thought perhaps she was out in the center of nowhere.
as soon as the THEFT SYSTEM light is on solid, the Passlock controller combined into the BCM has asserted a fault. There room three wires the go indigenous the BCM to the Passlock sensor in the ignition switch. Perhaps you have a wiring problem. Power trouble isn"t the end of the question, either.You can only perform the 10-minute learn procedure as soon as that irradiate is flashing. There"s nothing special about the an essential on the 2003 Malibu other than it have to turn the lock cylinder smoothly. I"m afraid the you"re more than likely going to need a tow truck.
Its to be towed residence since... Serious comtemplated throw a enhance in that haha. J.k... What execute I have to do to bypass the BCM and also how do I do it? Thanks, I appreciate your help
The PCM and BCM job-related in tandem and thus there"s no bypassing one or the other. You need a scan tool that have the right to read the BCM to figure out what the problem is. Otherwise, friend may end up wasting time and also money simply guessing.
It does have a remote began if that would certainly make a difference... We tried to perform the three step relearn procedure as well... Tho nothing new
I"m not certain what kind of far start device you have but it"s walking to complicated things. Unless you have a copious time and a 2nd car, ns think it"s best to take it to a trustworthy shop. It"s really not helpful for you to troubleshoot based upon the advice of some random stranger online. Great luck.

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Its to be towed residence since... Serious comtemplated cram a complement in it haha. J.k... What perform I have to do come bypass the BCM and also how carry out I execute it? Thanks, I appreciate your help
Not sure if you have figured this the end or not... Mine son"s "02 Malibu had something simuliar occur to him. After checking and reprogramming the happen Code, swaping keys and such, I found out it to be the fuel pump failing. To inspect it, ns banged ~ above the underneath of the tank (20 degree weather and snow) through a 2x4, then it would fire up and also run for a bit before dieing. Banged on it again and turned the vital to hear the pump briefly, operation for a bit and also die.If it is truely a Pass password problem, the fuel pump won"t work-related at all. Maybe transforming the an essential to the on position and also tap on the tank to view if you can hear the pump run at all. If you do hear the pump briefly, climate you know. Hopefully this will assist you or someone else out.
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