The transmission liquid in any type of vehicle have to be confirm every 3 months or 3,000 miles, and the 2003 Acura TL is no exception. If the transmission fluid is discolored or incredibly low, the is a great idea to adjust it fairly than just filling it. Just Honda Z1 transmission liquid should it is in used. Any type of thing rather could reason damage. No all the transmission fluid can be readjusted at once. Two-thirds the the transmission liquid is trapped in the speak converter, so an altering the fluid is a three-part process.

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Park the Acura ~ above a flat, level surface and also apply the parking brake.

Place a drainpipe pan under the transmission drainpipe plug. Remove the drain plug v a wrench and also let the infection fluid drain completely.

Put the drainpipe plug back in the transmission and also tighten it v a wrench until it is snug. Carry out not over-tighten.

Open the hood that the Acura and prop it open up with the hood prop. Eliminate the transmission fluid dipstick and also wipe that clean through a rag. Location a funnel in the dipstick tube and also refill the transmission v the same amount of fluid that was drained, i beg your pardon is typically about three quarts.

Insert the dipstick, traction it out and check the transmission fluid level. If that is quiet short, fill it the remainder of the way with fresh transmission fluid. Execute not overfill.

Drive the automobile a short distance, making certain to shift into every equipment at some point during the drive.

Repeat all of the procedures two much more times.


A full transmission liquid replacement isn"t important every time the car is serviced. A good rule of thumb is come go v the steps one time for continual maintenance and also do the full three-step process at least once a year.


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