The quality of fuel at various gas stations can differ. This is wherein fuel filters come into play. Manufacturers size a filter to a specific size or micron rating come filter out big contaminants.

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This article applies to the Toyota Camry (2002-2006).

Over time, together the fuel pump continuously cycles fuel v the tank, the filter begins to restrict. Dirt from the tank and also the fuel inside becomes trapped in the filter, reduce the flow into the pump. As the dust collects, it may become dislodged indigenous the filter where it have the right to again become trapped at the injector. The result is a lose of pressure, turbulent engine running, and also potentially a pump failure. Installation a new filter "sock" restores proper flow, maximizing fuel economy and also engine operation.


Materials Needed8mm, 10mm, and 12mm wrenchFlat head screwdriverHammerStrap wrench (optional)Rubber glovesSafety glassesFuel filter

The fuel filter is additionally known together the fuel pump "sock." the is internal to the tank and also attached come the fuel pump assembly.

Step 1 – remove the fuel pump fuse

Remove the relay labeling "E.F.I." in the underhood fuse box. This box is situated to the ideal of the battery. ~ above the bottom that the fuse crate cover is a diagram of the fuse and relay locations. As soon as the relay is removed, begin the engine and wait for the engine to stall. This need to not take longer than one minute. You"ve currently removed the pressure from the fuel system.

Figure 1. The fuse crate location.

Step 2 – Disconnect battery and also remove behind seat

Loosen the nut holding the negative (black) battery cable to the terminal through a 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm wrench. Wiggle the cable off and place that in an area wherein it can not come right into accidental call with the battery, or wrap it with electric tape. You"ll be working about fuel and do not want electricity passing v wires because a spark may reason an explosion.

After disconnecting the battery, remove the behind seat. There space two clips ~ above the prior of the bottom seat cushion. This clips are located behind the former driver and passenger seats. Pull upwards top top the former of the bottom cushion to release the clips. When released, traction the cushion front to eliminate it. Friend may have to twist it to bypass the seat belt buckles.

Figure 2. The red circles indicate the chair cushion clip locations.

Step 3 – remove the fuel tank cover

Separate the rubber wiring grommet native the cover, and also then pry the covering upwards through a flat head screwdriver. The cover is only held to the body v glue. You have the right to see the cover and also rubber grommet in between the chair cushion clips in number 2.

Step 4 – Disconnect the electrical connector and fuel line

On optimal of the electric connector is a plastic flap that exposes the versatile connector tab. Lift increase on the flap (flexible tab side) come disengage it. Disconnect the electric connector by squeezing the flexible tab and also pulling upwards. Disconnect the fuel line by squeezing the two buttons top top the side of the line and also pulling it away from the pump.

Figure 3. The fuel line and also electrical connector in ~ the fuel pump.

Step 5 – eliminate the fuel pump lock ring

This is the black color ring surrounding the white fuel pump assembly (Figure 3). A special tool is created this, however a strap wrench or a screwdriver/hammer combo deserve to be supplied to loosen it if hand stamin is no enough. Tap the leaf of the screwdriver versus the elevated edge of the lock ring in the counterclockwise direction.

Step 6 – replace the fuel filter

Lift up on the fuel pump assembly to expose the wiring connector on the side. Squeeze out on the flexible tab and pull the connector towards the wiring to release it. Totally remove the fuel pump assembly native the tank, closely tilting it as you lift. Top top the bottom the the fuel pump assembly girlfriend will check out the fuel filter. Remove the clip and also rubber cushion hold the filter "sock" to the pump and also install the brand-new filter in that place.

Figure 4. The fuel pump filter is boxed in red.

Step 7 – complete the installation

Follow the actions in the turning back order the removal. Together you ar the fuel pump assembly ago into the tank, make certain the rubber sealing gasket is flush versus the confront of the pump; otherwise, a fuel leak will certainly result. With the filter assembly in place, placed the cover ago on and also reattach the locking ring. Reassemble the behind seat bench and plug the battery earlier in.

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When your ready to begin the engine, bike the ignition an essential on/off three times to prime the fuel system. Examine for fuel leaks about the pump.