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The usage of non-recommended fluids can an outcome in transmission failure. The usual outcomes are erratic shifts, slippage, abnormal wear and also eventual failure due to fluid failure and sludge formation. Stop this condition by using recommended fluids only.

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A low fluid level permits the pump to take it in air along with the fluid. Air in the liquid will cause fluid pressures to be low and develop slower 보다 normal. If the infection is overfilled, the gears churn the fluid into foam. This aerates the fluid and causing the same conditions arising with a low level. In either case, air bubbles cause fluid overheating, oxidation and varnish buildup which interferes v valve and clutch operation. Foaming likewise causes fluid expansion which can an outcome in fluid overflow from the infection vent or fill tube. Liquid overflow can easily be mistaken for a leak if investigate is not careful.


DaimlerChrysler strongly recommends against the enhancement of any fluids to the transmission, other than those automatic infection fluids noted above. Exception to this plan are the use of distinct dyes to assist in detecting fluid leaks. Various “special” additives and also supplements exist that case to improve change feel and/or quality. This additives and also others likewise claim to improve converter clutch operation and also inhibit overheating, oxidation, varnish, and also sludge. These claims have not been sustained to the satisfaction that DaimlerChrysler and these additives have to not be used. The usage of infection “sealers” should likewise be avoided, since they might adversely impact the truth of transmission seals.

FILTER SEAL fist (545RFE):

The main oil filter seal have to be fully installed flush versus the oil pump body. Perform NOT install the seal onto the filter neck and attempt to install the filter and seal as an assembly. Damage to the transmission will result. Install the new primary oil filter seal in the oil pump inlet bore. Chair the seal in the bore through the butt end of a hammer, or other perfect tool. Ar replacement filter in position on valve body and also into the oil pump. Install screw to host filter come valve body. Tighten screw to 40 in. Lbs. Torque.


All WJ transmissions have actually a dipstick to examine oil level. That is situated on the right side that the engine (passenger side). The dipstick cap and fill tube have to be delete everything clean prior to checking fluid level. Dirt, grease and other international material ~ above the cap and also tube might fall right into the pipe if not eliminated beforehand. Take the time to wipe the cap and tube clean prior to withdrawing the dipstick.

MODEL 45RFE or 545RFE: (used v V8 engines only)

1. Transmission liquid must it is in at common operating temperature for accurate fluid level check. Drive automobile if vital to carry fluid temperature approximately normal hot operating temperature the 82°C (180°F). The torque converter fills in both the p (PARK) and N (NEUTRAL) positions.

2. The engine need to be to run at idle rate for at the very least one minute, with the auto on level ground.

3. Use parking brakes.

4. Location the selector bar in p (PARK) to be sure that the liquid level examine is accurate.

5. Clean peak of filler tube and dipstick to store dirt native entering tube.

6. Eliminate dipstick and check fluid level together follows:

(a) correct acceptable level is in crosshatch area or area in between “COLD” and “HOT”.

(b) exactly maximum level is to “HOT” arrowhead mark.

(c) untrue level is at or listed below “COLD” line. The liquid level will be around at the top COLD hole of the dipstick in ~ 70° F liquid temperature.

(d) If fluid is low, add only enough Mopar ATF +4 automatic Transmission fluid to reclaim correct level. Perform not overfill.


1. Transmission fluid must be at typical operating temperature because that accurate liquid level check. Drive automobile if important to lug fluid temperature up to normal warm operating temperature of 82°C (180°F).

2. Position car on level surface.

4. Apply parking brakes.

5. Shift transmission momentarily into all gear ranges. Then change transmission back to NEUTRAL.

6. Clean height of filler tube and also dipstick to save dirt native entering tube.

7. Eliminate dipstick and check fluid level as follows:

(a) correct acceptable level is in crosshatch area.

(b) correct maximum level is come MAX arrow mark.

(c) incorrect level is at or below MIN line.

(d) If fluid is low, include only enough Mopar ATF +4 automatically Transmission fluid to gain back correct level. Perform not overfill.

Transmission fluid, filters and service intervals


5.5 qts. (2WD service)6.5 qts. (4WD service)

Cooler return filter (internal, round):2WD or 4WD – P/N 4799662($16.95 MSRP)

100,000 mi.30,000 mi.


REMOVING PAN and also FILTER(S) 1. Hoist and support car on safety and security stands.

2. Location a huge diameter shallow drain pan in ~ the infection pan.

3. Remove bolts stop front and sides that pan come transmission.

4. Ease bolts holding behind of pan to transmission.

5. Progressively separate front of pan away from transmission enabling the liquid to drain into drain pan. A flat plastic trim tool can be supplied or carefully tap ~ above edges v rubber hammer.

6. Hold up pan and remove continuing to be bolts hold pan to transmission.

7. When holding pan level, reduced pan far from transmission.

8. Pour remaining fluid in pan into drain pan.

9. Remove single screw hold filter to valve body.

10. Different filter indigenous valve body and also oil pump and pour liquid in filter into drain pan.

11. Remove and also discard the oil filter seal from the bottom of the oil pump.

12. If replacing the cooler return filter (suggested), usage oil filter wrench (Mopar #8321) to eliminate the filter indigenous the transmission. (NOTE: 45RFE or 545RFE infection only)

13. Dispose of supplied trans fluid and filter(s) properly.

14. Inspect bottom that pan and magnet for excessive amounts of metal. A light coating that clutch material on the bottom that the pan walk not indicate a problem unless accompanied by a slipping problem or transition lag.

15. Making use of a an ideal solvent, clean pan and also magnet.

16. Using a an ideal gasket scraper, extensively clean original sealing material from surface of transmission case and the transmission pan. NOTE: because that 42RE transmission the transmission pan oil gasket might be reusable. Check the sealing surfaces of the gasket. If the sealing ribs ~ above both surfaces show up to be in great condition, clean the gasket of any type of foreign material prior to reinstalling.

17. Permit remaining fluid drain, the much longer the far better if you desire to get much more of the old fluid out.


1. Download a new primary oil filter seal in the oil pump inlet bore. Seat the seal in the bore through the butt finish of a hammer, or other suitable tool.

CAUTION: The primary oil filter seal should be completely installed flush against the oil pump body. Do NOT install the seal ~ above the filter neck and attempt to install the filter and seal together an assembly. Damages to the transmission will result.

2. Place replacement filter in position on valve body and into the oil pump.

3. Download screw to host filter come valve body. Tighten screw come 40 in. Lbs. (4.5 N·m) torque.

4. If changing cooler return filter, install new one onto the transmission. Speak the filter to 125 in.lbs. (14.12 N·m) (NOTE: cooler filter is only offered on the 45RFE and 545RFE transmissions).

5. Location 1/4″ or for this reason bead that Mopar RTV sealant ~ above the transmission case sealing surface ar (45RFE and 545RFE). Because that 42RE infection reinstall gasket or install new gasket.

6. Ar pan in place on transmission.

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7. Install bolts to hold pan come transmission. Very closely tighten bolts to 105 in. Lbs. (11.8 N·m) torque. Allow RTV sealant to set for 15-30 minutes (45RFE and also 545RFE).

8. Reduced vehicle and also fill transmission with Mopar ATF +4, as described in the liquid Fill procedures below.


To prevent overfilling transmission after a fluid readjust or overhaul, execute the adhering to procedure:

1. Eliminate dipstick and insert clean funnel in infection fill tube.

2. Include following initial amount of Mopart ATF +4 to transmission:

(a) If only fluid and also filter were changed, start by including 10 pints (5 quarts) of ATF +4 come transmission.

(b) If transmission was completely overhauled and the talk converter was changed or drained, start by adding 24 pints (12 quarts) that ATF +4 come transmission.

3. Check the transmission fluid level and change as forced by following the check THE TRANSMISSION liquid LEVEL direction above.