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On my 2011 F-150, Ford officially recommends replacing the carry case and front and also rear differential fluid at 150,000 miles. However, if you’re towing or in offroad environments frequently, girlfriend should change it earlier. Based on no really data, I decided to adjust mine at around 100,000 miles. I don’t check out a fence to getting fresh oil in all 3 of these systems, and it’s basic job.

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Tools / Consumables Required

A straightforward wrench set

* If you have actually a limited slip rear differential, you may want to add Ford’s Friction Modifier

. Technically, it need to not be forced if girlfriend buy rear differential fluid that is currently rated for a restricted slip differential. However, it’s feasible that without friction full your limited slip differential will have chatter. Ford recommends including 4oz of Friction Modifier
as connected above. My van didn’t need this since it’s the F-150 Offroad v a locking rear differential.

Rear Differential


The behind differential

Ford, in a move that will certainly forever anger and also baffle me, walk not favor to put drain plugs in their rear differentials. The F-150 is no different. Together a a result, you have to remove the cover come drain, and then it can be refilled through the to fill plug.

Another note: this procedure is easier with the spare tires removed. I didn’t paper that step, however it gives more room to work about the behind axle.

Removing the fill Plug – rear Differential


Fill plug on peak of behind differential


Removed fill plug

Make certain you have the right to remove the fill plug prior to doing noþeles else. This is true for any fluid readjust on any part on any car. If you can’t get the to fill plug out, the vehicle is tho driveable. If you drain first, you might find you yourself in trouble once you establish the to fill plug is rust welded in place.

The F-150 rear differential fill plug is on top of the differential ~ above the driver’s side over the axle pillar toward the front of the truck, as pictured. Friend don’t usage a socket because that this plug; instead, merely put a 3/8″ socket wrench straight on the bolt. A continuous 3″ 3/8″ expansion can it is in helpful.

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Dirty plug still to it is in cleaned


Gunk wiped turn off of plug

The fill plug is purposely magnetic, to assist trap small shavings and metal particles together the differential wears end time. Be sure to clean the gunk off. I simply wipe it v a cloth and also maybe a small bit of brake cleaner.