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So I have the usual cracked dash on my 2nd gen ... Went out and also bought (what ns think) is the closest OEM instead of a LMC dash cover.I"ve noticed from city hall u-tube, all other aftermarket dash covers don"t call for a complete drop the end of the dash since these replacements don"t require fastening under the dash cover to the vents through the windshield something the seems impossible unless the dash comes forward enoughand dropped sufficient to do.......The LMC truck video clip install has the complete dash gotten rid of from the truck and also placed ~ above a job-related table :crying:Anybody below replaced a cracked dash cover with a LMC cover v out a full dash removal ???
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the LMC assets tend to have a much better fit and finish then various other cheaper options. Few of that far better fit and finish is because of harder/more in depth installs. Execute it once, and be happy, or obtain a cheaper alternative, and also do it again down the road. It might take a while longer to gain it done, but you"ll be happier in the lengthy run that you walk it
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the vents through the windshield are accessible with one extension. Friend should be able to get come those bolts without taking the dash turn off at all. You might lean it forward by loosening increase those bolts and also the kick panel bolts to maybe make things easier.The dash is hosted in by 5 bolts up peak i think (by the vents). One bolt on each kick panel by the doors, and also two bolts in the facility on the floor close to the cup holder area. After that the vacuum lines come the hvac and also other wires as well as the steering wheel stop the dash from being fully uninstalled that sounds choose a pain however ive traction my dash around 3-4 times and can have actually it excellent in under one hour. You should take off the knee bolster from under the steering wheel, then eliminate the steering wheel (be sure to disconnect the battery to no worry around the airbags walk off) then eliminate multi role switch and the pillar shifter to acquire the dash out of the truck.

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