Testing the camshaft place sensor ~ above the 2000-2002 1.8L Nissan Sentra is pretty easy. In this accuse I"m gonna" present you just how to using just a multimeter (no scan tool required).

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With the outcomes of this test, you"ll be able to find out if the camshaft position sensor is negative or not.

Symptoms the A Defective Camshaft position Sensor

A trouble code P0340: Camshaft place Sensor A Circuit lighting up the inspect engine light.Car cranks yet does not start.The fuel injection computer system does no pulse activate the fuel injectors (this is verified with a noid light test).The fuel injection computer does no activate the ignition coils (this is verified with a spark tester).The fuel pump activates and sends the correct fuel push to the fuel injectors (this is confirmed with a fuel press gauge).

NOTE: friend can discover the location of the video camer sensor here: location Of The Camshaft place Sensor.

Circuit descriptions Of The Camshaft position Sensor


The camshaft position sensor on your 2000, 2001, or 2002 1.8L Nissan Sentra has actually 3 wires sticking out of its electrical connector.

In effect the camshaft position sensor, on the 2000-2002 1.8L Nissan Sentra is a Hall impact sensor. This way that the sensor requirements a power source and ground to be able to generate a signal.

So among the three wires feeds the camer sensor v battery voltage. Another wire feeding its chassis Ground. And one cable is the one the transmits the cam position signal to the fuel injection computer.

Below you"ll find a brief description of every circuit.

Cam place Sensor (2000, 2001, 2002 1.8L Nissan Sentra)TerminalWireDescription
2REDCamshaft place Signal
3WHTPower -12 Volts

Location the The Camshaft position Sensor


The camshaft place sensor is situated on the upper part of the timing chain cover. It"s right near where the timing chain cover meets the valve cover. The arrow in the photo above points to the camshaft position sensor location.

Where come Buy The Camshaft position Sensor

You deserve to buy the camshaft place sensor in ~ your neighborhood auto parts store or if you"re favor me and need to save money on any kind the purchase, you can buy it online.

The Hitachi CPS0001 Camshaft position Sensor provided below is the original factory part for the 2000-2002 1.8L Nissan Sentra.

You can check it the end here:

TEST 1: checking The Camshaft place Signal v A Multimeter

The camshaft position sensor on her Nissan Sentra is designed to produce and also on off voltage together the engine turns. In layman"s terms, this way that the signal voltage alternates in between 10 Volts and also 0 Volts the entire time the engine is running.

To acquire this show on the roadway the very very first thing the we are going to carry out is attach the our multimeter to the signal wire of the camshaft sensor and then turn the engine by hand (that"s right, we"re not gonna usage the starter motor).

If the camshaft place sensor is OK, it will certainly generate a voltage the will alternative between 10 Volts and also 0 Volts (as us manually turn the engine).

If the camshaft place sensor is bad, it"ll remain stuck producing a voltage of around 10 volt and never drop come 0 Volts.

OK, let"s obtain started:

Raise the former passenger side of your Sentra onto a jack was standing (for safety).Remove the front passenger side wheel and remove the plastic water splash security (shield) that protects the crankshaft pulley and also serpentine belt native water.

Disconnect the video camer sensor indigenous its electrical connector. As a safety precaution, disconnect every one of the ignition coils native their electrical connectors.

Connect the connector ago to the camshaft place sensor. The camshaft place sensor must be connected to its electric connector for this test to work.

Set your multimeter come Volts DC mode and Connect the black color multimeter test lead straight to the battery negative (-) terminal.

Slowly revolve the crankshaft pulley-block by hand in a clock-wise direction when you keep you eyes on the multimeter as soon as you have the multimeter collection up. Execute not use the starter engine to crank the engine and also I want to emphasize slowly turning the crank pulley.

If the camshaft position sensor is working correctly, the multimeter will register one On/Off voltage the 9-10 and 0 Volts DC together you manually rotate the crankshaft. Off is when the multimeter screens 9.5 - 10 Volts DC and On is 0 Volts DC.To it is in a little an ext specific: her multimeter will register 9 to 10 Volts most of the moment you"re transforming the crank pulley. As soon as the camshaft place sensor is triggered (and if it"s functioning correctly) through the pole item on the camshaft, then this voltage will go down to 0 Volts.

Let"s take it a look in ~ what your test outcomes mean:

CASE 1: The multimeter registered 9.5 come 10 Volts DC and the 0 Volt pulse together you manually turned the crankshaft pulley. This result indicates the the camshaft position sensor is functioning fine.

CASE 2: The multimeter DID not register the On/Off 9.5 to 10 Volts DC and also 0 Volts pulse as you manually rotate the crankshaft pulley. This an outcome indicates that the camshaft position CMP sensor is not developing a signal.

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The next step is come verify the it"s acquiring power (12 Volts). For this test, go to: check 2: Making certain The video camer Sensor Is gaining Power.