The radiator is responsible for maintaining your Jeep grand Cherokee"s engine cool. Replacing a faulty one or upgrading to a much better one is a wise decision that will ensure your engine continues to be cool and also healthy.

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This article applies to the Jeep cool Cherokee WJ (1999-2004).

The radiator in her Jeep cool Cherokee is designed come cool under your engine by letting coolant circulation through it. When you start the engine, the thermostat blocks the coolant from going into the engine, and also when it reaches the optimal temperature, the thermostat opens up and permits the coolant to go from the radiator come the engine in bespeak to store it cool. If the radiator starts leaking, your vehicle will begin overheating. There are likewise aftermarket radiators that can take much more wear than OEM ones, therefore keeping your vehicle cool under more heavier driving conditions. Check out on to learn how to change your very own radiator.

Figure 1. The radiator is situated in former of the engine.
Materials NeededWrench set5/32 Allen wrenchRatchet and also socket setContainerPliersNew radiator

Step 1 – Disconnect battery

Open her hood and disconnect the an unfavorable (black) battery terminal. Wrap it in a bath towel so the doesn"t touch any type of metal and also create a spark.

Figure 2. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

Step 2 – drainpipe radiator native coolant

Open the radiator"s cap situated on optimal of the radiator, and also locate the drain plug top top the bottom of that by the passenger"s side. Ar a container under the drain plug and remove that by turning counterclockwise. Permit the coolant drainpipe completely.

Figure 3. Remove plastic drain plug.Figure 4. Drainpipe coolant.

Step 3 – remove the grill"s screws

Remover the peak screws hold the grill in location using your 5/32 Allen wrench. Even though this won"t allow the grill to totally come off, that will give you much more room to traction the radiator out.

Figure 5. Eliminate the top grill screws.

Step 4 – eliminate hoses

Remove the upper and also lower radiator hoses. They are connected and held in place with a clamp the you just need to squeeze with pliers to on slide it in; climate pull the water tap out and away to remove. The top hose is linked on the top and the lower hose is connected the exact same way, only on the bottom.

Remove the infection line linked to the radiator by removing the nuts with your 7/8 wrench.

Figure 6. Upper radiator hose.Figure 7. Infection line going into radiator.

Step 5 – eliminate radiator

Remove the pan shroud by removed its mounting nuts and also the upper brace bolts, and also the upper brace itself. Eliminate the condenser and hood latch bolts through the grill, and also finally eliminate the lower bracket bolts. Make certain there room no more connections come the radiator; carefully and with the assist of a friend, pull the radiator all the way out.

Figure 8. Nuts and also bolts diagram.

Step 6 – Install brand-new radiator

With the aid of a friend, reduced the brand-new radiator in place carefully. Be sure to either pull the end the pan or push it out of the way as the radiator lowers right into place.

Install the reduced bracket bolts.Install the condenser bolts.Install the hood latch bracket.Install the upper brace and its bolts.Install the fan shroud mounting bolts.Install the transmission lines.Install the upper and lower radiator hoses.Install the grill screws.

Step 7 – Refill radiator v coolant

Fill the brand-new radiator through 50/50 antifreeze mixed with distilled water until the coolant is about 1/2 inch from the top. Reconnect the an adverse battery terminal, start the car and let it operation for a few minutes. Inspect the coolant level again and top off together needed. Use a flashlight to examine for any type of visible leaks approximately the locations you operated on. Examine all the hose relations to for sure you"ve tighten lock properly. Keep an eye ~ above the coolant level and any leaks for a few days to follow.

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Figure 9. Refill brand-new radiator with coolant.

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