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I have actually a 2001 Ford Taurus, with small v6, it wont start, plenty of crank, readjusted fuel filter, dont hear fuel pump at all, not certain if ns have negative fuel relay or not, fuse ok, any type of ideas?
Relay is under the hood in the relay box. You can hot cable the fuel pump there. Or watch if the relay is gaining 12V. Likewise the trunk move may have popped off.
I have checked the reset in the trunk, it is not triped, I even tried bypassing it with a record clip, no luck, because my last article I bought a relay at my neighborhood parts store, it to be the not correct one, but I did uncover that the fuel pump relay is the same for the wipers, ac clutch, ect., i switched them, tho no luck, and the ac clutch quiet works. I likewise checked the fuel pressure at the end of the fuel rail, Nothing! i am getting spark due to the fact that it will start with starting fluid in the throttle body yet then dies. Ns am reasoning I have actually narrowed it down to bad internal electric fuel pump.

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you mine friend have a poor fuel pumpor poor connection at the pump i just acquired finished diagnosing the exact same problemwhat you need to do is go beat on the bottom that the tank if someone rather is turning it over ns bet it will certainly start
THANK YOU. The previous answer by the person who said to bang top top the gas tank . . . Worked like a charm. I might have to be stranded or had to pay over 100 buck because that towing. .. You saved my day.
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