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Parts Required:
Serpentine belt
Hot Tip:
Be mindful retracting the tensioner. The is under a many tension.

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Performance Gain:
Assurance of no being stranded somewhere
Complementary Modification:
Replace serpentine belt tensioner
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One of the regime maintenance items the you should perform on her Jetta is the inspection and if needed, replacement of her serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is driven off that the crankshaft and also drives accessories on the engine -- power steering pump, alternator, and also air conditioning compressor. The serpentine belt setup makes use of a spring-loaded belt tensioner sheave that gives the appropriate tension because that the belt at all times, making adjustment unnecessary. This belt need to be confirm periodically (every 5,000 miles, or when you readjust your oil).

When inspecting her belts, the one point that you desire to look for is cracks. If friend see any kind of cracks at all, you must replace her belt immediately. It"s just a issue of time until the belt will certainly snap and also possibly leave you stranded.

To release stress on the belt, you"ll need a 17mm wrench. Rotate the tensioner clockwise till you have the right to slip a small pin or Allen an essential through the two locking holes. You can then peel the belt turn off the top of the water pump pulley and then off the other pulleys. Tip: If the belt is worn, merely release the tension on it, and also snip it v some big tin cutters. You"ll then be able to pull it out of the automobile easily.


This photo shows the belt tensioner gift retracted through a 17mm wrench (green arrow). The idea here is to pull the tensioner ago enough to slide a metal pin or Allen key (yellow arrow) through the 2 locking holes. This locks the tensioner in place.

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This snapshot with the alternator removed reflects the tensioner in much better detail. You have the right to see the nub cast into the tensioner human body (green arrow). This is what you put the 17mm wrench on to retract the tensioner. You can likewise see the Allen vital (yellow arrow) placed through the locking holes.

Large photo | Extra-Large image


Once the tensioner is locked, peel the old belt turn off the alternator first, then down and off all the pulleys.

Large photo | Extra-Large picture


Shown here is a diagram of the belt routing top top the Jetta 2.0 engine. It is virtually impossible to take a photo of this, so i have developed this drawing to provide a clean idea. As soon as installing the belt, I discovered it easiest by place it end the alternator pulley, then down over the AC compressor first. The course, your an approach may different from mine. As soon as in place, eliminate the pen or Allen vital from the tensioner and the belt will automatically readjust itself.

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Comments and Suggestions:
StevieComments: Is a 2014 vw hatchback jetta waterpump compatible v a 04 jet ta
October 20, 2020
Followup from the Pelican Staff: If the component numbers are the same, yes. V your auto info handy, give The Pelican components parts specialists a speak to at 1-888-280-7799. Castle can figure out what component or repair kit girlfriend need. - Nick in ~ Pelican parts
Comments: You to be correct with component installed wrong.. Of food I assumed the same opportunity a an excellent while earlier but it didn"t look like it as I looked in ~ the alternator bolts i m sorry is the only part I removed. After trying whatever I made decision that even though the alternator is put back on properly I"m walk to remove it and also put it ago on. Together I take it a closer look at to begin the removing of both bolts, i noticed the reduced bolt had tightened but only because it tightens to chin on the other side the the alternator. I had actually not actually thrust alternator down enough to where it met with the matching holes top top the alternator bracket. That happened because it"s an extremely hard to make it fit ago into the slot again make me think I had reached the preventing point. I took the end the lower bolt just loosening the peak one. Ns pushed, by force, the alternator to the exactly spot and belt went earlier on just fine. You to be a few days late but still got it right. Thanks
January 12, 2019
Followup native the Pelican Staff: Thanks because that the monitor up. We appreciate it. - Nick in ~ Pelican parts
Comments: Hi, I eliminated the alternator from my 2012 Jetta S 2.0 single overhead video camer engine come have accessibility to the thermostat bolts. I readjusted the thermostat and when II walk to put the serpentine belt earlier on i cannot do it reach even though the tensioner is completely lmuntensioned through the pin holding the in ar where it should. Both AutoZone and you display that exact same diagram as a correct one for my car"s serpentine belt route. Putting it top top the alternator last is the means it"s supposed to be but your technique doesn"t work either. Please help.
January 2, 2019
Followup native the Pelican Staff: Either miscellaneous is set up incorrectly or you have actually the wrong parts. I would imply you take a repair manual, you should own one. That will have the procedure, distinct tools and also torque specs.Give our components specialists a speak to at 1-888-280-7799. - Nick at Pelican parts

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