M y automobile won't start after it is being driven. I have to wait because that an hour to have actually it cooled down so I can restart again. I just would prefer to examine on the key relay but I can't uncover it. Expect you can help me locate it. Thank you

Hello, right here is a guide to help test the relay with the relay locations below. Https://www.cg-tower.com/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitCheck out the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand if you require anything else to acquire the problem fixed.


can you please explain where the fuel pump relay is located? I have actually crank no start and I have chose to do that starting point unless you have any type of suggestions.

good starting point, but you can inspect it for power. I think it is located under the dash motorists side behind a absent panel. Check for power going in and coming out the crucial circuits with crucial on and also cranking. But they go poor a lot.

many thanks for the input AL514, I found this diagram for you please examine it out and also get earlier to us. I also included a fuel pump wiring diagram. Examine out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you require anything else to acquire the difficulty fixed.
So, yes the key relays ~ above Honda's control power come everything, ECM power, fuel injectors, fuel pump, power circulation connections etc. Looks prefer the wiring diagram must be warm at every times at fuse #8 15A under the hood. Looks like the relays space behind the gloves box. Among the relays will have one yel/blk wire coming out. This relay will additionally have a wht/blk wire where power must be hot at all times. Inspect for power at the wht/blk cable coming the end of this relay (same cable coming native fuse 8). If ok, examine for strength coming the end the yel/blk wires (same relay #1) while cranking. This powers the other, including your fuel pump. The ground for the fuel pump is simply a blk wire, diagram claims under the happen side seat.
I have looked all with the internet and also even looked at the diagram on this site, however still have not to be able to find the Honda public EX key relay. The is not situated in the same place as the relay chart you have actually on a previous diagram. Is that in the same location as the Honda civic LX or because this is the EX is that in a different location?Thank you, rob Swanson
ns now give you full list of all electrical contents including the key power relay. Below is a test you deserve to use once you find it.https://www.cg-tower.com/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitSave this in her favorites inspect out the diagrams (Below)Please allow us understand if you need anything rather to acquire the difficulty fixed.Cheers, Ken
Thank You for Responding around Where The main Relay Is situated In mine 2002 Honda civic Lx. Execute These 2 Relays Have computer system Boards whereby In...

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I have Just changed The Head Gasket. As soon as I rotate The crucial To On, The main Relay Clicks Consantly. I Can additionally Hear The Fuel Pump Clicking...