I simply put in a brand-new power steering pump. And trying to walk by the publication to bleed it. Right currently what that does is a high squeal and also the steering wheel goes come the left through it self within a couple of seconds that the van starting. And also it seems favor the pump will certainly not turn. The seems prefer the belt is beginning to on slide in a way. Any type of idea.

was truck doing this prior to pump replacement? If no what occurred to old pump? was system flushed out?

Truck to be steering just fine before this. And also then push hose went and also the reseuvor was leaking bad. And right now I purged it it yet thinking that did not flush or bleed proper. However still steering wheel must not execute that

Think over there is wait in system have actually you rotate wheel lock to lock and hold pair secondes? This will get air the end

need to I do this as soon as engine off? Or when engine running? additionally someone said me around disconnect the return water tap at cooler and also block off the pressure side and also just put a few quarts the mercon thru and this will aid

Well i did this. Put nearly 5 quarts thru. Put everything back together and also still having actually problem. Steering move to the best all by itself, and really hard to turn. Just time once not hard to revolve is crucial on engine off.. Just to make very sure on this part. The press hose that is ~ above rack need to be in top hole? and the little hose have to be on bottom.

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2000 ford explorer xls 4.0l x engine ohv. Right currently I cannot find anything to make sure of this. Fine the only thing ns have discovered is for a 5.0 traveler
to be truck propelled after water tap blew? once you eliminated hi-pres water tap did teflon O ring come the end on connection? Think something occurred to spool valve inside rack.
Sorry must of told girlfriend that ns did replace pump. Ns did examine rack and also pinion where the hose"s go and also nothing was in there, no o-rings and also stuff. My mam did notification that each time us were transforming the steering wheel ~ above passenger next the bellow favor puffed. Like it to be letting wait out. A puff of waiting weather it was turned come left or ideal
Thats no air it is liquid under pressure blowing previous seal. Deffinet damages to rack did steering start acting up prior to hose and or liquid came the end of resivor? If yes climate rack faulty
Well i did put brand-new rack in. Placed the mercon in. And also started it. Pump to be whining an extremely loud. Then soon as ns touched the steering wheel. That thing shook ago and forth prefer it was trying come take turn off for a flight. And so ns figured that the pump to be going again so I changed that and put that in and also the very same thing happens but not as bad. So far what ns did was replace rack and also pinion, pressure hose, return line, and the 20 inch mass line, strength steering pump. Is over there a press switch or sensor that might be doing this. Ns kinda doubt it yet worth asking
Weird acquired one more thing oil cooler perhaps restricting fluid flow. So instead of transforming right that is back and forth?
You understand I never ever thought around the cooler. I should be able to stick some sort of clean brush thru it and have it complimentary and clean
obtained to thinking about hose blowing, climate pump walk maybe lack of fluid then dust boots filling with liquid all points come high pressure. The made me think restriction. Expect this does it.
ns hope this works also. If not taking to scrap yard. I will let you understand again. And also thank you really much again
Ok. Here is the latest ; took all lines off and also put wait thru them. The cooler was pretty bad shape after ~ going on and also off a few times, therefore got and installed a brand-new one. And also did punch air thru simply to do sure. Quiet the very same thing. For this reason went and replaced rack and also pump yet again. Quiet the very same thing. When truck is began pump whines a bit. But normal from what i understand. And soon together you touch, tap, or what ever before to the steering wheel, that point comes alive. Going ago and forth vilently. As soon as engine off, key on, this thing turns nice, well when turning like in a tight radius it starts to acquire pretty tight. What might I carry out next prior to blowing it up
This is weird so as soon as you start up wheel is no moving? touch the and ago and soon it goes? till engine off? do tires move? deserve to you hold wheel and also keep the from moving? does your pump have resivor off to side or on back of pump? i beg your pardon belt routing perform you have?



an extremely weird. Right now tires room off but knuckle and rotor relocate right in addition to steering wheel.It is the second picture however the strength steer pump and a/c compis switched about i deserve to hold steering wheel yet actually difficult to save from moving. Pump res. On ago of pump. Pump part # 20-7271 from advanceauto parts. The local ford dealer said me to speak to ford and also see what they have to say around it
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