the sepentine belt on my 2000 dodge caravan sport has actually come off twice within the critical 6 months. Is this a known problem?

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Why is the after instead of a brand-new belt and brand-new tensioner, the belt comes off in the rain, snow and going through puddles? i wasted money top top these and they are much less than a year old and I need to replace them through a kit comprise the very same thing except they are grooved? It come off on my wife over a dozen times. No strength steering (no control), no water pump (engine overheats leading to dangerous come aluminum heads), no alternator (no battery charging), no AC. All powered through ONE belt. $40 a popular music to put the belt ago on. One independent encourage a kit, parts and labor, end $300. Us then uncovered a radiator leak, thinking the slick antifreeze was bring about the belt to come off, for this reason I spent the $300 replacing a brand-new radiator. Quiet the belt came off. I have looked over plenty of forums ~ above the web and also with all the troubles with Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler vans, why do we need to pay to obtain it fixed? I assumed I'd it is in smart and also start out through some "cheaper fixes". One guy was marketing disks to placed over the tensioner and idle wheel for $30. I found the disk covers from advance for $8 apiece and also installed castle on both idle and tension pulleys and also thought just how smart i was until I went v a puddle...twice and also both time it come off. I began looking at the Dayco 89251 indigenous Advance, however it is a smooth stress and anxiety pulley. Mine wife referred to as me today and also guess what...she went through a puddle. i am bespeak a gateways 38379K kit indigenous Amazon $111.63 incl. S & H. Advancement has Goodyear kit 49215K because that $124.99 to add tax, yet it had actually to it is in ordered. Girlfriend can likewise order separate double sided belt, grooved idle and tension pulleys, yet they total much more than $111. The dual sided belt is over $65. Call THE NHTSA top top their net site or speak to them in ~ 888-327-4236. Ns am surprized if who hasn't acquired KILLED yet!!!
Response come Cricketp:I stated that the belt slipping off happened AFTER I replaced both the tensioner and also belt. I have actually scoured the net on various other sites and many say the same...after tensioner replacement. I don't know if the mechanic positioned the tensioner in the slot correctly. The Dayco 89251 tensioner is supposed to have flat spring tensioner vs coiled, but after placing the bigger pulley disks over the stress & idler pulley and it didn't deal with the problem, i opted to get the gates kit. I got the entrances pulley kit ordered from Amazon, yet the grooved idler sheave was missing. Amazon sent one more kit out via at some point UPS and this time the whole kit to be there. I will view if this solves the problem completely. Paid $111 including S & H. I got on the NHTSA site and also filed a complaint. Why must we have to pay for a Chrysler defect?
I thought I had fixed the problem by getting a pair the Dorman pulley-block covers or discs from advance for $16. I placed one top top the idle pulley and also the other on the tensioner pulley. Someone was selling fabricated discs because that over $35 and also he believed that would deal with the problem. That didn't. I finished up acquiring the entrances kit indigenous Amazon for $111 incl. Shipping. It hasn't fallen off yet. Ns have additionally notified the NTSA ~ above their net site about the problem.
I have A 1998 evade CARAVAN and also THE serpentine belt comes turn off in eye or once you fight a puddle! well after having this take place to me several times I discovered the factor for it is an extremely well known by the dealerships. Matter of reality in over there repair manuals over there is a fast fix and the component is just $38.50 add to installation. This component is called a engine mount through Dodge part number of #4612412. I know this sounds funny, however we now have actually this part on order. This component was mean to made as a remind in 1990, however Dodge figured it was a method to do money over time. This mount mounts ~ above the tension-er pulley and also mounts onto the engine and also then the trouble is fixed.
My mom has actually a 2000 grand Caravan Sport with the 3.3L V6. Best running van in the country until that rains. Whereby she resides the roadways tend to have ruts worn down in them from the big trucks. The water pools in this ruts and if girlfriend hit one, down she goes. No steering and no water pump. The one time it taken place to me the engine end heated almost immediatly. Girlfriend can't drive them a block even if you can armstong the steering the engine will certainly over warmth in simply minutes. We started driving this thing with child gloves everytime the rained, yet still if you had actually to swerve a little bit come mis a automobile or if the water overcome the roadway where friend couldn't avoid it. You were setting there waiting a mechanic to come placed the belt ago on. I'm happy Johnny mopar offered his answer. Ns knew there must be some type of shielding to store this indigenous happening. Anyone recognize where to uncover one?
I have a splash guard underneath the engine which protects the serp belt and also components. I likewise have a 2000. I changed out the water pump and never placed the splash guard earlier on till it rained one day, and the belt slipped off. I keep the splash security on all the moment now.
johng42 If you could can you tell me whereby to purchase the splash safety that will certainly cover the serpentine belt from getting wet? let me kniw please, thanks.
check and also reposition the drainpipe hose the that collection the water from the windshield. It is situated to the left of the serpentine belt, close come the firewall. That is supposed to it is in attached to the drain duct from the cowl cover. It needs to be eliminated to change the belt. It mat it is in inadvertently no been replaced. You have to tug at it to find this at times. Since it is commonly in the ideal position. Just it is no attached to the drain. This will reason water to flow onto the belt and also the resultant belt slip when it rains. Hope thi help. It will certainly eventually damage the alternator too.
The serpentine belt may come off due to a worn tensioner, idler wheel or pulley alignment. You should have actually a qualified technician look at the belt alignment while the engine is running. Anything that looks the end of alignment in ~ that allude should it is in repaired. If everything looks yes the fault might be with the tensioner or idler pulley. You might need to replace the tensioner, idler pulley, and the serpentine belt to exactly the problem.
As Russ stated, the belt tensioner is commonly the culprit, however, if friend have had the power steering pump or water pump replaced, the pulley have the right to be the end of alignment. In rarely cases, the generator sheave or the crankshaft damper pulley can change out the alignment or the crankshaft thrust bearing can wear bring about the crankshaft to have extreme play which would reason misalignment. A qualified repair shop should have actually a wheel alignment checker which offers a laser beam to check alignment. Also, all grooves in the pulleys have to be cost-free of all debris. Due to the fact that you live in room where eye is likely, girlfriend must have the belt shield attached come the right structure rail as eye will cause the belts to come off.
I did much more research and also discovered this is a well-known difficulty with dodge/chrysler 3.0,3.3 and also 3.6 engines in the minivans.This is a trouble that has been around since 1992 and also continues to 2008 at least. It generally occurs while going thru water. That was the instance both time it occurred to me. There room some after sector fixes the entrances fix being the many mentioned. Chrysler has company bulletins out yet they don't have to tell you about it. The idea that there isn't a recall for retro-fit disgusts me. The idea the they keep structure this bad style putting individuals lives at risk seems like it must be illegal. My van is a handicapp converted Braun Entervan. The is virtually like they know they have actually a captive audience. This minivans supplied to it is in the most popular to convert due come the human body style.
Chrysler has actually actually issued a recall for the clockspring malfunction. No issue how plenty of miles you have actually on it, friend should be able to take that into any Chrysler dealership to have it replaced free of charge. Prefer you said, apparently this difficulty affects the steering wheel controls (cruise, volume), and also the horn and airbag. You have the right to go to this website ( type if her vin number, and print out a letter for the recall. Hope that helps!

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99 Caravan. 3.3After handling the on/off difficulty of mine belt coming off- squealingIn the rain/slush/snow, I finally had had actually enough...I bough ONE more serpentine belt - and also a piece of plexiglass approximately 8" x 3 ' x 1/4 ".I slipped that under the prior cowling trim just listed below the radiator and also drilled twoHoles through the plexiglass and also used two self tapping screws through thoseHoles into the bottom that the radiator support. The back component of the plexiglass is Drilled and also screwed into the bottom the the A arm with two screws.This fabricated resolve took around 15 minutes to build and attach. The plexiglass splash guard Is contoured contempt from prior to earlier and actually is higher than the oil pan, so over there is noChance of hitting the ground during normal use. It is strong and flexible and cost 11 bucks.As soon as I set up it, i drove v puddles, slush, a vehicle was under spray- whatever that beforeImmediately brought about my belt to squeal and/or come off.. Give it a try, ns bet you'll be pleased and also it's straightforward to build.